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    Neat idea! When I'm out of the zone: Trees! Mogul! Ice patch! Why is my rear arm flapping about like that?! When I'm feeling 'on': I follow a path that's invisible even to me. I feel like I'm watching a video game in the 3rd person view from above. Not much conscious thought, just looking for the next fun place to go.
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    It was a nice surprise when I came across this sculpture earlier this summer. I'm not sure when it was created or who it was modeled after but you can take your best guesses. A somewhat obvious candidate did come to mind for me. The sculpture was done by late Canadian artist William Lishman. Some links about the artist and sculpture location: http://williamlishman.com/blog/ https://urbantoronto.ca/news/2016/02/bridgepoint-hospital-unites-healthcare-arts
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    No schitt... At the speed you ride time starts to dilate.
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    Ok! Let's go!!! Carve... carve... carve.... carve... Let's hit that bank on the right side! Yeeaaah!!! Carve... carve... carve... carve... carve... Oooh! Untracked pow patch on the left!!! Slaaaaash!!! Back to the groom!!! Carve... carve... carve... carve... carve... carve... This is waaaaay too much fun!!! Oh! Roller coming up! Pop it!!! Carve... carve... carve... carve... carve... carve... Man! The conditions are awesome!!! Flatter section coming up. Let's do it switch! Carve... carve... carve... carve... 180 back to forward! Let's stop and watch Steph and Benny go by. Man! My buddies have style!!! Follow them!!! Etc... etc... etc...
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    YES, WE DO IT AGAIN!!! On 15th & 16th February 2020 the third Moon&Carve Session will take place in the winter sports area Elsigen-Metsch on the Metschalp in Frutigen, Switzerland. That means for you, off to the Swiss Alps and carve with us, test boards, improve technique and above all have fun. The following manufacturers bring their latest pleasure objects with them: Oxess, Goltes, Plasma (more to come!) All important information about the event can be found as usual on our Moon&Carve homepage: http://www.moon-and-carve.com Since we're not commercial and the event is free for all participants, we are grateful for any PR. So tell your friends and a share & like on Facebook or a on Instagram is always welcome. We are already looking forward to a cool session with you! Greetings from the Bernese Oberland Your Moon&Carve Team web: http://www.moon-and-carve.com news: https://www.facebook.com/MoonAndCarve/ Like & Share it
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    Just took delivery of Version 2. It is beautiful indeed!!!
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    "omg, what is that moron doing!" "why is that jackass stopping right there?!?" "oh yah, that's brilliant, lets all line up & stop on the knoll so no one else can get by!" "Why cant that dolt just ski his line?" "please don't let this idiot smack his skis all over my board on the lift!" "great, all the Jerrys collecting at the top of the lift leaving no room to unload". Sometimes this dialogue is not just internal!
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    Never admit or hint of an inner dialogue especially on an open forum !
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    For sale is my SG Slalom board. Everyone knows what this is: SL board that is versatile and fun. Will do great in gates or all mountain. Got some nicks from skiers on lifts but that's about it. I'm not a racer and decided to try something else. Looking for $450. I'm located in Chicago. 163 for sale pictured on the right. GS board is available here
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    I'm wondering what everyone's internal dialogue while riding consists of. Technique critique? Pondering life's great mysteries? I try to keep my brain on auto-pilot as much as possible so I typically default to a variety of airplane and racecar noises.
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    This is a Cool video...and certainly belongs to this thread
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    Damn i was hoping Turner would get the early snow.
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    These are pretty lightly used. Note that two of the synthetic bumpers on the underside melted and have to be replaced. $25 plus shipping from Cambridge, MA
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    Perfection is achieved, not when there is nothing more to add, but when there is nothing left to take away. Antoine de Saint-Exupery
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    I'm going to call that a placebo. You can't change your C. of G. with how you breathe. However, it distracts the active brain, letting your natural learned reactions control things in a more fluid way. Excellent examples of this are in Inner Game of Tennis by Gallwey.
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    Katherine-Hilde Engeli during one of the coaching sessions at SG camp, emphasized that breathing is key to good carving. when you breath out during press you, stabilize your stomach and core - that leads to better carving.
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    Sorry but I would not be interested in making any for sale or even for other riders. Too much of a liability. Look through that thread, there's a lot of ideas on where to print these.
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    Think I found it... It just needs to come find me now!
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    The ikon destinations are so spread out and limit you so much for days at so many resorts. More unlimited options for EPIC. The Aspen pass at least now gives you some other mountains ...which is great if you are living in Aspen and want to ski elesewhere . Chamber pass for Aspen also includes base Ikon so that's great for parents who want to see their kids race and not have to be buying even more tickets. If you have a big family of skiers.... it's kinda bad because 6 season passes ..well you could buy a car, or lease a wakesurfing boat.. all this "all you can eat". Has people skiing a lot more and has Joe Schmoe getting used to 40 day + seasons which for those of us who go a lot makes it harder to find the good runs not overloaded. I might end up with Aspen again...i.e. Work for race dept. which means... I gotta get thee DJ RIG And ANNOUCING and ALL THAT GOING ...for a comp pass.
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    Focus! Breathe! Reach/Elbow to Knee,! Hold It,.......Keep Back Straight,......Hold it!, Hold It!, Rotate/Shift Weight!.....Annnd Repeat: Focus, Breathe, One More!....just one more and I'll stop for a break!
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    No internal dialog here. I'm so intensely focused on the moment that nothing else exists. I used to listen to heavy death metal, but it got me riding more aggressive than my body could handle. I typically ride 50 - 60mph so I don't want any mental distractions.
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    When Shred and these other clowns say this is a good board you should pay attention Not because i know the guy that makes them and rides his builds but because this board has stuff in it that money can't buy and getting one built will be a long wait. Lots of the content of Shreds strange ideas become mainstream but not until the timid have time to grow some! Step up people winter is coming.
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    Btw, You got me thinking of trying the DO with plates next season.
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    It gets better, the board has pink sidewalls.
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    Not yet...but I can't deny the thought has crossed my mind
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    i do not know how you guys can even think, I barely have time to breathe!
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    same... don't die; don't die; don't die... crap i almost die...
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    Once you've tuned the forward flex of your h/boots for low angle riding, which might be as simple as riding them in the walk mode or fiddling with the springs and tongues, the sideways flex needs to come from the bindings. I like the low stack, soft bindings, like Carve RS, Burton Carrier, even Race plates. The Carriers have about 3* built in inward canting which you seem to like. But you are a big guy, aren't you? Depends how much trust you have in plastic bindings... Maybe F2 Race?
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    Never Summer ads from back in the day. Found on the Never Summer Facebook page.
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    howdy shred I thought I was in line to inherit this?!!! … they call me the flyin' Hawaiian around here so I am capable to fly this thing... but then... I gave up ice fishing a long time ago... and don't need an ice auger anymore...
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    Pretty sure mine will be for sale soon, to be replaced by a new one of the same. I've never done that before, it's that good. Need to figure out some logistics before I list it. Purchased new in autumn of 2017, used in combination with 3 other boards. Bevels at 3 side, 1 base. Base and edge condition are 9.5, topsheet is 8. Nothing wrong with it, just want to maximize resale. Edit - ok, it's for sale. Shoot me a PM. @davekempmeister @AcousticBoarder
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    Guy left his number. I’d use that. Most “racer for sale posts” are like vapor ware, mixed with unobtainium. They post but never reply to pm’s or re-read answers to their posts.
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    The Wobbly Goblin bendage.....
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    I hope those Deeluxe Ground Controls prove to be as great as they look. If so, I'm on em.
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    This is my setup: Coiler BXFR 168 x 26cm, 11m vsr Deeluxe Track 325 boots with BTS F2 Titanium bindings 22 inch stance. Rear: 25 deg. with inward cant. Front: 50 deg. with toe lift. Rides great and I can quickly switch any board I have!
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    That's what I'd do. I'd play with dynafit TLT or something like that instead of buying ATB. Might be useful for splitboarding (in case of powder) and easier to sell (just in case).
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    Spring Big Sky Bend It
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    just noticed the bend, surfs up
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    Old school bend w telephoto and current day bend w fisheye
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    I particularly like the ferocious sideslipping action going on above you...

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