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    Late to the party but Burton deserves way more credit than this. Burton supported racing and alpine more than any other manufacturer, right up until they stopped in about 2003. They had full selections of race, freecarve, and all-mtn freecarve gear prominently displayed in their catalogs, starting with their first race board, the Express in 86 or 87. For many years they had as many as 3 different models of hardboots running concurrently, and 3 or 4 different models of plate bindings including step-ins. They invented 2 different kinds of step-ins, one which worked with any standard boot. For several years they offered symmetrical and asymmetrical race boards at the same time. Talk about commitment! And in the catalog, they made it look cool. In the early days, Jake Burton Carpenter was into Snurfer racing, and he thought organized racing was the future of the sport. Burton started the US Open with this intent. It wasn't until Sims became a big enough market force that Burton finally put a kick tail on a board in 1988. Their consumer race gear was as good as any production race boards could be. To say it never had a heart is way off the mark.
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    Looks really clean Bob, it would appear you have an old school craftsman there! Getting harder and harder to find those guys around anymore. Spending my days so far this summer imparting nearly 40 years of my personal carpenters knowledge as well as the millenials worth that was passed on to me by all of my mentors through the years to an eager young man. Very fun to watch when the light goes on when he gets it! Mario
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    Oscar, with the help of his son Oscar, are doing a super job, on the Fire Place surround
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    +1 on layers! The best jacket has pants attached! One piece suit!
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    A burning desire to deliver uncrowded, pristine groom to carvers?
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    Soon everything will be owned and run by Vail. In my teens & twenties I used to think that Vail was the ultimate ski area. I've been there several times in recent years to meet up with college buddies. From my perspective the shine has really gone off that apple. Unless you buy their Epic Pass everything is REALLY expensive. Also, it is crowded most all of the time. Their uphill capacity is so huge the slopes are now crowded. A recent joke that EPIC was Every Person In Colorado. Now it looks like it will be every person everywhere. No thanks. I'll stick to my little local ski area and hope that it doesn't get gobbled up by the Vail juggernaut.
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    Don’t forget about the Stat...I loved my Stat 6.
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    That is really Wonderful Mario, there is a path and sometimes we can help those who are willing to walk down it...so awesome to watch this Stone mason work with and teach his son his Art...that young carpenter will always appreciate that you taught him well, in turn passing that on again...
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    Alright. We are 45 days or so from meeting the minimum requirement of 50 people for Montucky. If this does not happen this year I will be very sad. This is such a unique event and we need to make it an annual event. THIS means I need you. OK stupid Americana. What is the current count and how many more do we need? Dreadman we may need to start a count down clock to make sure we meet the minimum! PS; If we are unlucky we may have to ride powder! And I can say with certainty I know of 3 people already confirmed!
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    Fred Mertz checking in. My favorite and "best jacket" is the loose cut size large jacket that is 85 % off, normally about this time of year. Always found on-line and never in my preferred color but that's the only reason that i ever wear anything other than black, so it works out. Grease, snags on trees, frozen cord the cafeteria always have me looking to save$ in this department That said, I like the AK stuff I've had but they need better QC with zippers.
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    Next season i hope to spend only as much money as i did last season. Have as much fun. Get in better shape. Figure out if Turner is a possibility given the logistics of traveling from the east to Nelson BC then Montana. Anyone want to babysit a farm in Ontario for a few weeks ?
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    Same for me. Same shell from -40 to above freezing. My requirements: Waterproof/breathable Pit zips No or very light insulation The last one seems odd given I'm usually in a deep freeze, but I prefer being able to add a layer of insulation than rocking the open/flapping jacket look when it gets near melting temps. My secret 4th requirement is that it's available on the discount rack. I don't care about wearing 'last year's color'.
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    2 days of firm chalky cord followed by 2days of foot+ powder. Maybe it can get better?
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    My plans: 1. Don't get hurt. More plyometrics before the start of the season to stave off last year's silliness. 2. Ride more. See above. 3. Pray for powder or groom at Turner Mtn. Maybe both?
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    I am hanging out for next season. I did all of four days last season. Once the house renovations are finished, the house is sold and I've moved into a condo with nothing better to do, I can ride every weekend. Bonus that our company was acquired a few weeks ago, and year end for accounting is now September and not January ... so I don't have to spend the best months of winter chained to a desk fending off auditors "happy dance".
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    way prefer fresh asphalt to concrete with seams
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    all in the head, it was half way around before the skis changed angle look at the cats eyes
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    More about the cat, less about cameras: That's a pretty neat trick for that guy! Before watching the video I assumed he started his upper body moving before leaving the lip, but he didn't. Conclusion: he's part cat.
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    The need for double width identical course restricts hills and shortens distance across the hill to half. The only benefit is both riders face possibly similar wind and possibly similar snow conditions, but typically the courses are never truly identical as one side of the hill may be in shade or more wind protects wind strong stripped... etc. ...even in skateboard slalom on unchanging pavement the surface is rarely identical and one course is typically faster. IMHO in general 2. Courses proves to be of little advantage on days with no wind or steady wind. Only on irregular gusty days does it become useful just had to answer that old thread. also worth noting Agression stealth asymmetric had tighter sidecut on the toeside.
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    And a few other considerations.
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    I'm not sure you mean "tensile". The F2 race bindings take a lot of force without problems if they're set up correctly. You could of course take those forces on the side, but I'm finding it hard to see what the benefit would be, and you have a mechanical disadvantage, not that I think it would be critical. My own angles are 45 parallel. Perhaps you are assuming significantly steeper angles, although I note that mono-skiers also use toe-heel bindings without problem. I take your point about "heritage", but I think the fact that our feet tend to be inserted into everything from windsurfer straps through rear-entry-boots to shoes in a toe/heel manner may have something to do why we tend to build things this way. The only advantage I can see would be reduced boot/binding length, which (a) I don't need; and (b) you could also achieve by putting recessing the binding under the boot or other approaches. -- As a backland person, I'd be more interested in a snowboard-specific binding which maybe made use of the existing structure of the soles of that type of boot. They have some stuff in them for the uphill people, and maybe that'd be fun to make use of. I guess I'm thinking that ideas like the Phantom Link Levers are where I'm expecting hard booters to gain performance in the future.
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    howdy this kid is riding strong like rama… and riding same bc stream boards...
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    No - Cross M was all about racing, but we had a bunch of multidisciplinary riders. - so they kept the XM on all their stuff. There used to be a cross m alumni page on Facebook...but I got kicked off after "disagreeing" with my favorite guy Jay W. [emoji867] Sent from my iPad using Tapatalk

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