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    I had some deliveries last week...
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    Always room for a split tail on the board porn string.... Here's "Candy" my new thirst PC 181
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    just a quick little carve from an Ice Arena in CO. (not me) Ink from instagram
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    Well, here we go.... And a more close-up of the Virus Predator with wooden topsheet. One of the most beautiful boards in my quiver:
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    Whats it matter? Most of you guys are ancient equipment anyways!
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    I find some great used boards from time to time. And although they are not brand new custom builds I still want to show them off to the group. Identity 160 BX carbon. I'm so stoked to ride it. One of my best ski swap finds. Custom build out of Whitefish, Montana. Thank you! I doubt anyone knew what it really was. One of the benefits of being a fanatic of boarding!
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    I was the supervisor of the local snowboard school a bunch of years ago and many of my instructors wanted to try carving on hardboots after seeing me on the hill. Cool. But coming up with gear for them to try it on really held them back. I had a board or two to lend but I'm a big, tall and strong guy and my boards reflect that and the small and light rider would never be able to ride them on the first day out.. But there was a "carving board" that someone left in the school locker room and a few times a year people would take it out. It was a short (159ish?) and wicked soft and would fold up like an accordion if you pushed on it at all. Riders would take it out and come back and say that "carving boards suck" and never try it again. I'll bet a good number of those instructors would have loved it if they could have jumped on modern and appropriate gear....but the one antiquated board they tried sucked so bad that they never tried it again. I get it. dave
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    I'm probably the WRONG person to weigh in as I just picked up some step-in TD2's with 3D disks for the sole purpose of riding my 25yo UltraPrimes more. I can't explain it, but there is a real substantive reward, in ideal conditions of course, in beating the UP into submission just to hook into and even linking a half-dozen good turns in a single run. It's as close as I'm gonna feel to being Mike Tyson having a pet lion. But it doesn't have to be that way. The revolution is real. My first custom, a Flux Sean built for me at a svelte 200lbs with a 22cm waist to hardboot in just about every shitty condition the northeast could throw at me, was an eyeopener. It also put my focus on what could be better, upon which he improved the following year with a second Flux that was even better. It's still my go-to board when I don't know what to expect on the mountain. I can only relate it to golf clubs and how hybrids changed the game for me where a 5 iron is now the lowest iron in my bag and I now carry 2, 3 and 4 hybrids which are a hell of a lot easier to manage and offer a range of flexibility above their bladed counterparts. Even my son, who has only been in hardboots for 3 or 4 years now, not to mention already a far superior rider than I'll ever dream to be, notices the subtle improvement in my new boards from year to year. That's why he's not allowed to touch my Thirsts...
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    Other photos shot by a local carver, also on Blackfoot. Michael, a regular from Germany Me on my new Coiler Skwal.
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    It's a long way down when you're 7 feet tall!
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    Andrey, good as the video is, watching you in action in real life at the Aspen sessions was a pleasure.
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    No music, just one EC ride down https://youtu.be/ZxjXNyf252o
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    and, for the record, arne(burner) absolutely rips.
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    For me it all depends on the execution. Some extremecarvers make it look fluent and 'extremely' good, others are just alternating falling down with push-ups. Same goes for freecarving, some have body parts flapping around, others do it gracefully. Must say that is is harder to please my eyes with extremecarving, it really requires proper execution.
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    Exactly...Had my best session yet this morning...Epic conditions here in Nicaragua at Hacienda Iguana...Nothing gets me more ready for Snowboarding than cranking turns on a surfboard...
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    This debate about old gear is getting really old. No one can honestly tell or convince me that a board from the 90's is a great board that can hang with new tech. Here is a great example of a severely overpriced ancient board. This is very misleading for newbies looking to pick up some used gear and having no idea that this board is over 20 years. I organized the 2008 ECES at Stowe and we hosted a "retro" day and bought out all our old gear from 20-30+ years ago. I have been riding HB's for over 30 years and I took one run on my Burton M6 and could not wait to get off it. Equipment has come a long way. Compare the above mentioned Burton Prime to a 1st gen Metal Prior from 2006 and any rider will see a significant difference and improvement. I almost would love to introduce a rule that if the board is over 10 years old and being sold in the classified section that we move it to a classified section called "Collectors". Any newbies that are looking at gear should know that the board has new tech or is ancient. Do I have old boards that are 20-30 years old? Yes! Do I ever plan on riding? Hell no! They are collector items that are wall hangers in my garage.
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    one of the main reasons i love alpine snowboarding is that every turn feels like a bottom turn after dropping in on a overhead wave. Those waves look good! I miss my longboarding days in cocoa beach.
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    The fun starts this Friday...
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    Never ridden it but I’ve seen it. I’d train blind-folded, they don’t call it Big White-out for nothing.
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    Couldn't the same question be asked of any sport? My bike from 20 years ago (woah, didn't realize it was that old until now) still gets me around the trails. Do I wish I had a new one and all the new features that come with it? Yes! Am I willing to spend the money? Not at this time. That said, there definitely was a step-change in alpine board performance about 10 years ago with the introduction of metal and decambered noses/tails.
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    Tuner Mountain just got an article in the Denver Post last weekend as one of the best "family friendly" areas in the US.
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    Yes sire, a original Nitro CAM! Love that board, and totally computer designed for best flex and torsial stiffness. Using plates? This is how we rolled during the nineties
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    No idea. I had Frank have his way while building this board for me. That, my friend, is an original Nitro CAM. Computer designed board from somewhere during the nineties.
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    howdy don't know if this was posted here before, but here is a great compilation of some great riding by some Korean and Japanese dudes... rama at the end...
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    got there early. walked up teachers pet before the lift started. got one run in before lift was operational. ergo... i'm king of pets. crossroads/milkrun not ready. lasted an hour. my front leg is out of shape. how do you paste Instagram posts into this forum. I forget how or did that change?
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    Amazing save indeed. I road raced Motorcycles for 10 years @P.I.R in Portland, Oregon. Love "carving" on a motorcycle. I love carving the mountains on my bike in the summer.
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    Marc is the master of riding beyond the limit. But somtimes....
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    My hard boot setup is flexier than most, I recall trying on a pair of Driver Xs and finding them surprisingly stiff. My goal is to not try to compete with or replace my hard boot rig so softer is OK. But let’s not get ridiculous here, I’m not buying a pair of Rulers and a Huckknife.
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    2018 Endeavor Hammerhead 163 - Softboot carving specific Bought "used" from piusthedrcarve on bomberonline/alpinesnowboarder and put about 15 days on it last year and the previous spring. Selling because I managed to drop the 20+ extra pounds I was carrying and am back down to 145ish. Riding it last year at 170 lbs felt like I was already on the lower end of the weight range. I've also gone a little crazy buying gear for me and kiddo and something has to go! I'm happy to answer any questions from a crossover softbooter perspective, but Piusthe rcarve's thoughts are going to be way more informed than my own. The original sales thread links to his reviews. http://forums.alpinesnowboarder.com/topic/46212-sold-endeavor-hammerhead-163-softboot-carving-specific/ Base 9.5/10 no scratches per say, but not 100% pristine. Top sheet 8.5/10 with just a touch of visible rash and mild scratch here and there. Edges are 8.5/10 as they has some sections of superficial rust that ahould disappear with tune. (apparently I was lazy returning from its last trip out) I've only gently tuned it once last year so plenty of edge left. Waist Width: 25.2 cm Length: 163 cm Effective Edge: 138 cm Sidecut: 8-9-10 m Buyer pays shipping from 53716
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    Two different styles in the videos above. Different tastes, different goals in riding. For me "good" form has an aesthetic, movement that is graceful, economical, flowing. I've seen freecarvers and extreme carvers whose riding, to my eyes, is a thing of beauty. That aesthetic drew me into this sport and keeps me here.
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    I'll see your "amazing riding and cinemetography" and raise you freeriding with Sigi Grabner...
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    47 spots left! Get yours today!
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    So I brought my older Coiler VSR into Sports LTD, Woodland Hills, CA today as sort of a test tune. I spoke with Doug who gave me a tour of their shop. There was a nice Wintersteiger stone grinder and ceramic edger. They have different stones/structures available. He sounded like he knows what he's doing and used to ride an alpine board back in the day (he did think my board was a mono ski for a second however). It doesn't sound like they see alpine often, if ever. I get the board back in a week and will report. I'm hopeful.
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    That board is a piece of art. Can we see the all board? Love Virus +++
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    When I try to EC, I most want to exemplify the Sword crew. Their 'Stoked' movie played a very large part in me getting into alpine riding. Beautiful economy of movement.
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    Agreed. It's kind of like asking whose technique is better, Ted Ligety or Mikael Kingsbury? There isn't a race coach in the world who will tell you EC is good race technique. But if you're not racing, who cares? Well, you might if you're looking for maximum edge purchase in steep icy conditions. But a good racer also knows how to lay one out if they need to.
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    Hi John, like Softbootsurfer I am a big fan of the Burton Torgue 3 strap bindings. YES, huge different on the toe side, that is the point !!! It transfers the pressure from the instep up to the lower leg. Increasing the leverage big time. If you do a few searches you will find multiple posts about this along with a lot of "Mods" to accomplish this. Just don't tell Jack that you are doing this. Most will scorn the thought , telling you that it is silly , not needed and only prevents you from riding well do to restrictions. Give it a try, it is a good thing!! Bryan of AST (Alpine Snowboard Trader) on Facebook. Amazing photos!! You are so talented!
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    I can finally contribute to this topic:
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    Dunno. Perhaps I just suck at pictures. But this just doesn't capture what's going on with his top sheets. As good as they look, they are even more spectacular in person... "Color me GONE.." SF "Murder Purple" XC
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    Wow what a review. I have to extend my appreciation to you, that's really amazing. By far the best snowboard reviewer.
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    sunshine superman at the swizz today the bx ripped b chute a new one and danced thru the bumps too stepins phuquing rule
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    I live in Saskatchewan. 10 days is a good year for me.

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