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    howdy an all girl dvd?...from rama… teasers...
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    I knew it rang a bell. This one is more my speed.
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    I like having sex AND defacing public property, but now that I'm older I don't do either one as much as I'd like.
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    And snowboarding is not biking. Different vibes for different seasons. For me it's all about flow, be it snow or dirt. or rocks. either way, I am at peace when I am in motion. ride on mario
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    Are you really sure you want to look like that second guy? I mean I have it on good authority that he’s from Winnipeg.
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    Yeah, that first guys got a skill set I want to emulate. Multitasking, sweet heelside and clearing his nose at the same time!
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    I missed this last year, but it just came to my attention: https://www.conwaydailysun.com/community/obituaries/obituary-john-g-howe/article_0adef3cc-7637-11e8-ab23-5706810e71c1.html I met him once at his home on a farm in Bethel in the winter of '97 when I was working with a fellow from Bates College who was starting a snowboard factory in the Bates Mill. He had a relationship with Howe I think through a college internship. We had a meeting with Howe to discuss snowboard design. Howe's book "Skiing Mechanics" was considered a bible of ski design, as it explained the physics of a carved turn, among other things. I really enjoyed meeting him. He was enthusiastic about our little snowboard factory and about snowboarding in general. His wife made us liverwurst sandwiches, which I surprisingly didn't hate. It was about 58 degrees inside their house. A couple years later I wrote an interpretation of Skiing Mechanics, relating it to snowboarders, for BOL. You can see it here: http://alpinesnowboarder.com/wp-content/uploads/2018/03/Physics-of-a-Snowboard-Carved-Turn.pdf My friend from Bates made a snowboard version of "The Claw" ski and it worked very well. It was basically an isolation plate, laminated to the board with a thick (1/4"?) layer of rubber in between. The bindings only mounted to the plate, no screws or other metal mechanical linkages touched the board - a design I haven't seen since. I tried it and it was eye opening. I think it would be worth trying today (hint hint @Donek). He didn't pursue it for long however. He exited the snowboard industry after a few years and went back to medical school. Cheers to John Howe, a life well lived. We here have all benefited from him.
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    Impeccable logic - I like it! Thanks for all the advice!
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    Free!!!! I've used these over the past 3 seasons, still stiff with decent amount of flex. FREE All buckles work great (2 replaced), fully adjustable, no cracks or splits. Great boots for a intermediate rider or eager beginner. Based in France, can ship WW. Oxygen Proton 27.5 free to a good home, consider a donation to this site. You must cover shipping. Vintage
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    Having gone through that process, it's significantly more expensive. One of the reasons I did it was they don't have a stock board anything like the design I wanted (175, 10-14m). Unless you're outside the weight range of the 168 (65-95kg), there's nothing I'd change about it. UPM or Allflex inserts provide a more direct mount for the plate, with less torque on the hardware and board inserts. A nice thing about the Allflex pattern is you can remove and mount the plate without removing your bindings. This would be a big help if swapping the plate between boards, or for tuning. Aesthetically UPM is cleaner looking because all the hardware is under the plate. I think it's a slightly more direct mount, but probably not significantly.
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    If you're going to spend the big bucks, might as well get a custom made from HK!
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    Railing a downhill, goofing around on a pump track, hell even suffering on a climb leave me with a soul cleansing stoke and and a perma grin Ymmv mario
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    Jack, this is awesome info - thanks so much. A plate comparo on this very board is exactly what I needed. what inserts? (I like my F2 Race Ti) thank you!!!
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    ...and Mickey Rooney playing a saucer-eyed, undernourished, improbably red-haired Santa is somehow not psychotic?
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    They make great products, absolutely no argument there. That said, I have (and many others I have bench marked with) had fairly lackluster / crappy purchasing experiences with Apex under current ownership. I am simply pointing out that, from an averaging standpoint, it seems to skew towards "poor" or "mediocre". In a niche business / sport such as this one, that is an essential aspect of a business's operation and reputation that should be removed.
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    I have ptex tops on my Kesslers and Winterstick. I think it adds some dampness. Traditional topsheets, even "carbonium" aren't doing much of anything for you, they're just plastic protective covers. May as well get some functional value out of the layer that's covering your fiberglass or metal.
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    ^ A journey of a a thousand miles begins with...one foot in front of the other. The new snow was too deep to to skate so the magic elixir of hard wax over klister was the ticket for the xc session today, as was Lee Ving: Pg-13 into R rated lyrics.
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    Damn straight! (or gay - I would approve!)
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    From my personal experience, I would say the following relative attributes are true: more damp, more predictable, less pop, slightly heavier, much more durable than glossy or carbonium. Like the base, can dry out if not waxed. Once per year is enough. Can sand it if it dries out. My carbonium topped boards all have sustained the same amount of chipping from lift lines, but less swirling than glossy but ptex is perfect from day 1 to the end. If you get any damage, it's minimal in comparison and can be sanded out easily. Suits my personal preference very well, but may not suit others'.
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    Those years at Milk with Joey and Mike were the most Special of All ...Thanks Cliff
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    Can you confirm if these are still available or not? Our racing team is always looking for equipment for new to hard boots members to dip their toes in the snow. If they are still available and shipping is reasonable I’d like to get them for our team.
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    The K168 is really something special. It's a 10 without a plate, 11 with. I tested 4 plates this year for an article I'm going to write. I ended up keeping the Apex X-plate. If that's not in the budget the Donek AF is awesome too. Both give a nice increase in edge hold and comfort. The Apex is a bit more flexible so it allows a bit more pedaling and is more compliant. It's also lower to the board so once you get used to it it basically disappears. I entered the test fully biased to love the Allflex, but didn't like it at all on this board.
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    Essay contest closed, scroll down to see the winner Now known as the Karma board, just showed up on my front porch one day 3 or so years ago from Jose, aka Queequeg. Yours for the price of shipping, with one stipulation, you cannot sell it, you must pass it on to someone else with the ability to ride it once you are done with it. Like all virus's, it is big and bad ass, with a big secret clothoid side cut, but will turn nice and tight and give you a nice rewarding ride if you treat it with respect, ride it with large gorilla balls, weigh over an1/8th of a ton, and pay attention. It'll spank you, and ride your ass if you don't. I will post pics later when I am not feeling lazy, and if there is any interest. I only have room for 7 boards on my rack at the moment, and I am contemplating another purchase, in case you need to know why I am parting with , and offering such an outrageous deal. Whomever can state their case best in essay form, and not dibs, gets this most excellent stick, local pick up preferred, though not mandatory. Mario
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    A big THANK YOU to Rusty Edges and Daveo for taking the time to dig out the F2 parts and for the Karma points for both of their extremely generous offers! Cheers, the next round is on me! Rob
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    Thank you so much! The kindness and support of this community never ceases to amaze me. Please check PM
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    Dear Karma Board, Alpine carving tames the darkness within that is masked with humor, sarcasm, and a brutal exercise regime. Riding the Karma board will further this pursuit of alpine excellence as well as the "lipstick on a pig" game that I play. I promise to hold you and to love you, until we get on the snow. There, I promise to push you to the limit of my abilities...without lube. I promise not to sell you on ebay for drug or candy money unless I run out of chocolate. There may be times that I am with other boards. Fear not, I am dedicated to my entire harem. Love, Erik J PS I will source said gorilla testicles directly from China. I got a guy. He's been my go-to for anything testicle related for over 20 years.
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    Au contraire, my white-loafer-and-Sansabelt-wearing friend, a convincing argument could be made that most of The World's problems are directly related to the presence of testicles, not their absence. I fondly reflect on my lengthy career in the soprano section of the Vienna Boys' Choir without even a hint of regret. By the way, I pooped in your Yardland on Friday...
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    Great day of riding today!
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    The Oregon move has begun.

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