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    Found this guy sitting on a park bench who said he Golf's, rides motorcycles and dabbles in building snowboards Something named Kohlerer. He's from Canadia and was lost. I said he was in Cleveland along way from home.. His name was Bruce but he said he did not want to go back because he did not want to have to make boards since the weather was so nice.. So we just rode!!
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    173 Pure Carve update from the Milkman...
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    I can play this game! Just took delivery of yet another Thirst! 171cm XC ~20cm waist ~11m scr ra Same board, different light. Corduroy graphic disappears and color turns deep purple in dim or flat light. Kinda crazy topsheet. I expect it will ride as well as well as other Thirsts. Something a little turnier than the Super. Having a full quiver of boards makes small mid-western hills more fun. @crackaddict Nice board to start the thread James! I was tempted by the 178cm 23.5 waist all terrain board Carl was ridding much of the time. I never did get to ride one of his demo boards though, but really enjoyed hanging out with him.
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    Looks like we need some water in here because we're getting real Thirsty. Can't wait to try this bad boy out! First Thirst for New Mexico! He added a little New Mexico flair to boot with our beloved Zia symbol. I am so happy with the result. 8RW 18.7cm waist. It'll be the narrowest waist I've ridden yet as per Mark's recommendation so I said why not! If the virus boys can ride 17cm why can't I ride a 18.7? Should be interesting and quick edge to edge.
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    Found this amazing vintage beam clamp while demolishing some old electrical conduits. Just needed a plastic knob. Not only utile, but maybe the most elegant beam clamp I've seen.
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    The trick to bait Canadians, hockey table in the background of the pictures...
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    Just learned that there is serious evidence that movements made in time with music tend to be made more efficiently, with greater endurance and less oxygen consumed. https://www.minervamedica.it/en/journals/sports-med-physical-fitness/article.php?cod=R40Y2012N04A0359 I've stayed away from music when I'm riding to be more aware of my surroundings/other riders etc. I might have to reconsider.
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    Few years ago, I found that same wild guy in Colorado but he wasn’t lost. We thought he came to make a Canadian fashion statement with his funny looking scuba suit and seal skin mittens. However, it was just a ploy because he came to win and was very fast on his “Kohlerer”.
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    Ordered in May, got it on September. I'm about 15 kms in and still finding my footing. Still a ton of fun though.
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    Have serious Tinnitis, need sound to remain calm at times, been riding for 8 years or so with music, can easily hear each carve while enjoying the rhythm, which I believe helps my riding flow...needing to hear people yelling for me to get out of their way is a slope I stay off of...
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    Rob in the Aspen neighborhood...
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    Presumably comes with the crutches and PT mat, as pictured?
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    To be completely transparent: There is no Epic vs. Icon debate. Oddly enough, Hunter is in the target region for a day camp. My region does not fall under that umbrella. In the end, my question was answered. I completely respect the time spent travelling thing. I can pursue something local (western ny) to raise funds and awareness to support the organization, but I wouldn't be steering it towards a fast crowd. It is something that I want to plug into my region because I really respect the organization and its mission to activate, connect and empower the diabetes community. My region happens to be beautiful and full of pretty amazing people. This group happens to tweak the focus towards a more adolescent target and I think that that's much needed. I suggested an alpine race because the founder is a former racer turned backcountry pro. I learned about the organization via Mike Trapp and Mimi Wienke who were teammates of his when he was diagnosed. The snow community is awesome.
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    "omg, what is that moron doing!" "why is that jackass stopping right there?!?" "oh yah, that's brilliant, lets all line up & stop on the knoll so no one else can get by!" "Why cant that dolt just ski his line?" "please don't let this idiot smack his skis all over my board on the lift!" "great, all the Jerrys collecting at the top of the lift leaving no room to unload". Sometimes this dialogue is not just internal!
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    @SunSurfer well it was perfect example. cause I'm cyclist and I have spesh insoles: pretty thin but will likely to work in my alpine boots. I got pretty snug fit in my UPZ, so it's getting very painful with any insole. But I only tried ski-specific insoles, none of those are thin. Will try cycling insoles this season for sure
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    I really have to clear out snowboard gear. I'm getting old, have a basement full of gear and hardly use the stuff anymore. When I die, my wife will probably give it all away. So here's a few boards. I'll post more stuff over the coming weeks. All my gear is lightly used. I'm the snowboarding equivalent of the little old lady who only drove to the grocery store. All prices USD plus shipping. Pickup welcome in Toronto. 2015 Yes Ghost TDF 159. Traditional camber, directional freeride. Still in plastic. $200.00 Kessler 180 Custom World Cup stock. 19.5cm waist, not sure of sidecut but made for World Cup GS courses. Apex (UPM) and 4x4 inserts. Formerly Caroline Calve's board. $500.00 Coiler 177 VSR, 20cm waist, Apex (UPM), 4x4 and extra tail insert for a GoPro. Custom Apex topsheet. Very lightly used, never ground. $400.00 I shot this video using that insert:
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    Not always make or break if you get behind at the start. From a couple of years ago, I don't suck quite so much in the first few gates at Snowmass now.
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    You will love it! I had the Superconductor and then got the XC, I didn't think 4cm length would be all that different but Mark built the XC to really crank turns and track straight when you need to glide through flat sections.
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    Non-sunny place on ground covered with sand dust and blankets, in general, i dont know dirty details. Here you see two stores blankets removed but sand dust still visible
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    If you want to go on the path of Extreme Carving (EC) to lay it down, forget isolation plates, buy an EC board with softer hardboots like the Deeluxe 325 or the UPZ XC12. EC boards are wider, more versatile than thin and stiff race boards. The stance is also more comfortable, rear foot is usually between 45 and 50 deg.... Combined with softer boots you will have a setup you can ride all day, carving the groomers and laying it down in the morning and still carve the chops in the afternoon...
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    You say that like ABBA and Bon Jovi are bad things.
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    That RT looks familiar .....
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    maybe not but never say never. https://weatherstreet.com/weather-forecast/montana-snow-cover.htm nice to see. thanks
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    snowreport: sat sep 28, 2019 howdy all no rain or snow in our area, but high winds and the artic chill... the mountain got a dusting high up... stronger winds and dumping snow is forecasted in the next couple of days... got most of my yard work done so I am ready... bring it!...
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    Its official as of yesterday. Vail Resorts has closed on the Peak Resorts deal. Really hopeful we will see some investment into the NH mountains. It cant get any worse than how Peak was running things!
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    I would think Joerg and crew, would still be around that time...always good Carving fun with them
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    snowreport: tue sep 24, 2019 howdy all a few days ago it was really nice warm summer days and Monday was the autumn equinox and today a little cooler. forecast in the coming days is some rain and snow in the higher elevations. I am still hoping for warmer days and more paddling in the river with the fall colors. the colors are just starting to turn and this early cold might spoil the beautiful colors and turns things brown. I am starting to think about riding and thinking about all the gear set-ups... 73 more days...
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    As www.carvers.it we made a lot of tests on different materials. Almost all the plates we have ride gives advantages and disadvantages. The main problem is the weight. So we decided to build our own plate starting from a disc of delrin, a square of rubber and a sheet of aluminum. After some years of evolution and changes now we are building a very light and performing plate that gives a smooth riding with quick response and a lot of edge grip.
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    On the positive side, at least in the winter, the net result won't be begging your better half to pluck cactus quills out of the buttocks you've been handed.
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    If it's anything like my 174, it is a fast, absolute beast that demands a lot of attention, get distracted by something shiny and your buttocks will be handed to you. Very fun ride, but it will severely punish you for a moments inattention:
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    One of the many advantages of the Backland is that it's a viable boot with roughly half the boot board ramp of Intec compatible shells. Maybe you don't care about such nuance. Maybe you should. Either way, put a few hours on the new boots and see how you stand with lower heels. Might be you value the convenience of a more centered and relaxed stance more than the convenience of step-in bindings.
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    Snowing in Montana right now. Up to a foot forecast.
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    This is a Cool video...and certainly belongs to this thread
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    These are pretty lightly used. Note that two of the synthetic bumpers on the underside melted and have to be replaced. $25 plus shipping from Cambridge, MA
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    Perfection is achieved, not when there is nothing more to add, but when there is nothing left to take away. Antoine de Saint-Exupery
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    I'm going to call that a placebo. You can't change your C. of G. with how you breathe. However, it distracts the active brain, letting your natural learned reactions control things in a more fluid way. Excellent examples of this are in Inner Game of Tennis by Gallwey.
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    Katherine-Hilde Engeli during one of the coaching sessions at SG camp, emphasized that breathing is key to good carving. when you breath out during press you, stabilize your stomach and core - that leads to better carving.
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    When Shred and these other clowns say this is a good board you should pay attention Not because i know the guy that makes them and rides his builds but because this board has stuff in it that money can't buy and getting one built will be a long wait. Lots of the content of Shreds strange ideas become mainstream but not until the timid have time to grow some! Step up people winter is coming.
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    It gets better, the board has pink sidewalls.
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    Ok! Let's go!!! Carve... carve... carve.... carve... Let's hit that bank on the right side! Yeeaaah!!! Carve... carve... carve... carve... carve... Oooh! Untracked pow patch on the left!!! Slaaaaash!!! Back to the groom!!! Carve... carve... carve... carve... carve... carve... This is waaaaay too much fun!!! Oh! Roller coming up! Pop it!!! Carve... carve... carve... carve... carve... carve... Man! The conditions are awesome!!! Flatter section coming up. Let's do it switch! Carve... carve... carve... carve... 180 back to forward! Let's stop and watch Steph and Benny go by. Man! My buddies have style!!! Follow them!!! Etc... etc... etc...
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    Neat idea! When I'm out of the zone: Trees! Mogul! Ice patch! Why is my rear arm flapping about like that?! When I'm feeling 'on': I follow a path that's invisible even to me. I feel like I'm watching a video game in the 3rd person view from above. Not much conscious thought, just looking for the next fun place to go.
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    I think there is some compelling information demonstrated here:
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    It sounds like you are a prime candidate for hardboots regardless. I expect it will be a revelation for you, please report back. If you must have a plate I would recommend either the Donek AF or Apex X over any Vist gen-1 type plates. The former allow the board to flex freely beneath them. The latter sit right on the board and act as a flex modifier. They generally make the board run longer than the board would bare. The Apex allows a bit more torsional flex than the Donek, so a bit more pedaling which helps it feel more natural. Also it's the lowest to the board, so it disappears once you get used to it. However the Donek being torsionally stiffer has slightly more ultimate edge hold.
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    No plate. Ride a different board (all-mountain) in pm chop and play the terrain features.
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    I particularly like the ferocious sideslipping action going on above you...
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    Ok all, So believe it our not, this saga has continued over the summer. Since all basic logic was being questioned heavily, as I mention above, I decided to break out the ol' grade school math equations and present an analysis to EICSL to better illustrate the unfair set up of making a snowboarder race skiers in a ski-gate GS course with no adjustments. This isn't perfect, I don't pretend it is, it is meant as illustrative of the overall point. The high level walkthrough: The skier and snowboarder are on the same course, taking the same line, and traveling the same speed. Thus, all variables are held neutral to time aside from the distance a boarder needs to be from the gate itself relative to a skier (so by calculating the difference between the two, we can get an idea of extra distance traveled). Percent extra distance traveled vs. skier = percent slower time under these controlled conditions. I chose a 68-inch skier and snowboarder, and assumed 45* of lean for all gates. I calculated the distance from this from the gate. As skiers "crash" gates with their body, I assumed a 2-inch overlap of skier and gate, while for the snowboarder I assumed a 1-foot "buffer" as we cannot intersect gates as skiers can unless we have exceptional health insurance. So there is a 14-inch difference in distance to gate. Again, trying to keep things relatively simple here. I calculated the difference in ellipse this 14-inch gap creates, and using a pretend course of 850 vertical drop (which is the Attitash Course, by the way) over 20-gates, I calculated the snowboarder rides an extra 9%, roughly, relative to the skier. So he/she should be 9% slower all else being equal. As we all know, 9% disadvantage in a race is massive. This of course does not account for start-related differences (EICSL has perhaps 8-inch starting blocks for me to launch off, and flat starts the skiers skate). It doesn't account for the "slow snow" I have to ride given the extra distance I need to keep from the gates, or that I have to intersect the ruts differently--"fighting them" as opposed to riding them. It doesn't account for the aerodynamic differences as skiers can tuck more efficiently, grip to course with two edges vs. one, and so on... That easily gets us to the NASTAR handicap discount of 20%, arguably more for EICSL as the starting areas for NASTAR are generally better (sometimes yes, sometimes no) and the courses are more standardized relative to EICSL. What I heard back (after they YouTubed a few snowboard GS runs): "Speed boards" as they refer to them, where the rider "faces forward" do not drive as much lean over from the rider to turn. Therefore the above analysis does not relate to "speed board" riders... the implication is that "speed board" riders are similar to skiers in terms of how close we can get to a ski-gate. Snowboarders don't lean over as "when their back is to the gate". So we can get closer to the gate on heelside turns. Again, no difference vs. a skier. I was also told skiers can angulate the same as a snowboarder (even seen an EC turn from a skier?) They claim skiers hitting gates slows them down, and so they are trained to not do this. Bullshit. Ever seen any skier in the parallel races? They hit those gates like their holding a football. Thus the overlap assumption shouldn't be a basis for a discount calculation. "My calculations started at 6%, plus some of my points might bring down your discount percentage – if we continued." This is the portion of the response that irks me the most: that 6% is fair, and that "if we continued" that my entire argument would unravel. There is a pomposity to this I cannot wrap my head around. At it core, EICSL is effectively stating that even when adjusted for differences in the sport, snowboarders are slower than skiers and not as competitive as racers. Period. Control for all differences--we will still beat you because you are of lesser talent and capability. Skiers and thus superior. I am not entirely sure where to do here; if anywhere at all.

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