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    I had some deliveries last week...
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    Explainations: We have worked with many boot makers in order to try to fine the best combination for EC/Freecarve that suits our style of riding ( aka: no plates, wide boards with EC in mind) to replace our aging .900 and try to avoid a 1000+€ solution. It took Patrice and Arnaud ( we have the chance to have a plastic injection engineer in the team) 4 years or riding different boots with mods and work finally with UPZ with a modified injection formula that suits our riding style better. The mold is this of the RC12, with different tongues in the kit for each tastes, and also a modified spring system that one can adapt to our style " à la northwave style" the way we experimented with Jacques and Patrice in the early years of Swoard ( 2001-2003). This made it however possible to keep everything in the 700€ price range with all the optionnal mods included. ( sorry if this sounds like an add > moderators can feel free to move it to dedicated forum area) This season will see the first batch of final production with feedback from the full riding team as well as 2019-2020 customers. Can't wait to test mine! Nils
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    Got a new Nirvana from BV a couple of years ago. Came with 89 on the side and 0 on the base and the storage wax. BV provided the edge treatment details. Decided I would try it as delivered without any extra tuning or wax treatment. Brilliant to ride from the get go. Easy to side slip, hockey stop, manoeuvre at low speed, initiate turns, and edge hold was fantastic. I no longer add in any base angulation when I clean up the edges on any of my boards. I'm more with Dave Redman above when it comes to tuning. Make sure the base is well waxed rather than dry. Make sure the edge is an edge and not rounded or burred, but I no longer obsess about the actual edge angle. I suspect base/edge tuning is a little like buying and listening to high end audio equipment. Rapidly increasing costs for increasingly little return. That doesn't stop lots of people buying high end audio gear and being convinced they can hear the difference. Each to their own. Enjoy your new board!
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    I find some great used boards from time to time. And although they are not brand new custom builds I still want to show them off to the group. Identity 160 BX carbon. I'm so stoked to ride it. One of my best ski swap finds. Custom build out of Whitefish, Montana. Thank you! I doubt anyone knew what it really was. One of the benefits of being a fanatic of boarding!
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    Cool shot of Sunrise at the Bells with fall foliage...
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    I needed replacement for Revolution Narrow 162. There is it on the right. Brand new thanks to Shred. On the left 166 Dragster. Both board Hyper carbon top sheet. Now just waiting for snow.
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    Getting back into it after 16yrs! New OES Sputnik 178 Wide!
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    Found this amazing vintage beam clamp while demolishing some old electrical conduits. Just needed a plastic knob. Not only utile, but maybe the most elegant beam clamp I've seen.
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    Tonight there was a fundraiser for US Olympic snowboard racing hopeful, Robby Burns. He is a Steamboat Springs Winter Sports Club Snowboard Race Team coach, and a firefighter. He is campaigning to compete in the 2022 Winter Olympics in Beijing. Here is his latest video: About once every 3 months, a modest check rolls in to AlpineSnowboarder from Google Adsense. The full amount from the latest cycle, $120, has been donated to Robby Burns. Your interactions with the ads on this site have made that possible. Thank you! Please continue or consider exploring the links in our ads to make future athlete donations a reality. If you would like to donate directly to Robby, you can do so at https://www.robbyburnssnowboarding.com/ Click Learn More, then Support My Journey. Good luck Robby!
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    Lots of great demo boards lined up this year! Thank you so very much to all of these fine board builders for supporting this event, Turner Mountain and the Community of Libby!
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    Other photos shot by a local carver, also on Blackfoot. Michael, a regular from Germany Me on my new Coiler Skwal.
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    Call it whatever you want, but this is amazing riding.....and cinemetography!
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    You have to find the boot that works for your feet. Driver X are amazing but they don't fit my feet at all. I went with the Ride Insano and they have been really good to me. As for bindings we have more and more choices. I found that the Ride El Hefe works good for me. After 15 years exclusively on hardboots, I've been slowly riding less and less alpine every year and more and more softboots. Of course nothing carves like my .4 metal Coiler but dang these news boards / binding / boots are coming really close.
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    When I try to EC, I most want to exemplify the Sword crew. Their 'Stoked' movie played a very large part in me getting into alpine riding. Beautiful economy of movement.
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    what a weird question.....It is a style that suits some, and not others...Be it !
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    Ah man y'all have fun now. I'm going to brave Keystone on Friday just to feel the wind in what used to be my hair. No Lovey 4 pak for me this year due to Montucky, but I'll definitely make more than a half-assed effort to make a Sunday or two before then.
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    I prefer not to listen to anything when riding. I enjoy the quiet, the sounds of the forest, the sound of my edges on the snow. In my car I often listen to the radio or audiobooks. However, on the road, everyone is supposed to be following the same laws and moving in a predictable manner. Also, I have a rearview mirror so I am aware of others overtaking me. None of that is true on the slopes. It can be a very chaotic situation on the slopes and the risks of collision are pretty high. To reduce the chance I try to be very aware of the movement of people near me and have taken to riding only on weekdays. Just my preferences.
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    I can play this game! Just took delivery of yet another Thirst! 171cm XC ~20cm waist ~11m scr ra Same board, different light. Corduroy graphic disappears and color turns deep purple in dim or flat light. Kinda crazy topsheet. I expect it will ride as well as well as other Thirsts. Something a little turnier than the Super. Having a full quiver of boards makes small mid-western hills more fun. @crackaddict Nice board to start the thread James! I was tempted by the 190ish , 23.5 waist all terrain board Carl was ridding much of the time. I never did get to ride one of his demo boards though, but really enjoyed hanging out with him.
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    Exactly...Had my best session yet this morning...Epic conditions here in Nicaragua at Hacienda Iguana...Nothing gets me more ready for Snowboarding than cranking turns on a surfboard...
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    The fun starts this Friday...
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    Never ridden it but I’ve seen it. I’d train blind-folded, they don’t call it Big White-out for nothing.
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    got there early. walked up teachers pet before the lift started. got one run in before lift was operational. ergo... i'm king of pets. crossroads/milkrun not ready. lasted an hour. my front leg is out of shape. how do you paste Instagram posts into this forum. I forget how or did that change?
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    Two different styles in the videos above. Different tastes, different goals in riding. For me "good" form has an aesthetic, movement that is graceful, economical, flowing. I've seen freecarvers and extreme carvers whose riding, to my eyes, is a thing of beauty. That aesthetic drew me into this sport and keeps me here.
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    I'll see your "amazing riding and cinemetography" and raise you freeriding with Sigi Grabner...
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    47 spots left! Get yours today!
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    I don't have the fondest memory of Hunter. Maybe I'd have been better off on my snowboard. It was the NASTAR Pacesetting Trials a few years ago.
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    This is likely true with many things in snowboarding. I think part of it is what is known as "cognitive dissonance". If one spends a lot of money and/or time on something they expect to be better, we tend to attribute a positive experience on some sort of "secret sauce" that the manufacturer put in. We can't accept that the subtle differences between board A and board B may not be worth the big price differential. I think we all do this in some parts of our lives. Some people are aware of this and others are sure there is a big difference.
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    Don't worry. If you're here all season there's a good chance you'll get to meet him
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    What about the Cowboy?
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    Ca s'en vient. Pris de FB aujourd'hui
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    https://www.bootsandmore.ski/ He's done base grinds and tune ups on both of my Thirsts, and I know someone else who had a Kessler 162 repaired and ground by him. Very experienced, knows his stuff.
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    I always think about how discouraging it must be to see or hear about these prices for someone who wants to "try" skiing or snowboarding. The impact of the high day rate prices goes straight to the first timer/uninitiated. Even if they like it the first time out, the very next day they find themselves back at that window. This to say nothing of demo/rental rates and everything else that goes with. I think it's short sighted and doesn't bode well for new blood. There are so many other ways to spend recreational/discretionary dollars. Admittedly, I'll pay $200 for a day somewhere that my passes don't cover but I am hopelessly addicted. I will also rationalize that I get the most for my money because I can use the whole mountain, go from first chair to last, carry lunch in my pockets, get tons of vert, etc. A first timer might decide that $20 or $40 per chair ride is outrageous. understandably.
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    There’s a guy... There is a guy that works in the wax/tuning shop at Canyon Lodge at Mammoth. He’s a bit older than the regular crew of teenagers whom you are likely to encounter there. Anyway he’s been there for years and he knows about alpine boards, tuning and beveled edges and such. I’ve never used them but you might also look up Stick Docs. They’ve been around for a few years so I assume that they know what they are doing. http://stickdocs.com/ Not sure if that’s much help but that’s all I got for California. If you have plans for Aspen, Gene Taylor’s at Snowmass has a good shop too.
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    Catch a couple peelers for me
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    It can't be good form, if it was, I'd be able to do it, right?
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    Sorry guys Patrice has written long explainations on the EC forum..might be easier to read his explaination directly there instead of copy paste here.. https://www.extremecarving.com/forum/viewtopic.php?f=7&t=13845 Arnaud, who is a team member since prehistoric ages and happens to be a plastic injection engineer has also spent time with Patrice and UPZ developping the specs for it.. his explainations are also helpful to give you answers !
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    Hi John, like Softbootsurfer I am a big fan of the Burton Torgue 3 strap bindings. YES, huge different on the toe side, that is the point !!! It transfers the pressure from the instep up to the lower leg. Increasing the leverage big time. If you do a few searches you will find multiple posts about this along with a lot of "Mods" to accomplish this. Just don't tell Jack that you are doing this. Most will scorn the thought , telling you that it is silly , not needed and only prevents you from riding well do to restrictions. Give it a try, it is a good thing!! Bryan of AST (Alpine Snowboard Trader) on Facebook. Amazing photos!! You are so talented!
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    I was second owner and it was fun & turny board. I remember it had good amount of camber.
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    Why not a Jasey Jay? I have ridden Kessler, Oxess, SG, Donek, Coiler... all great, honestly no one to go wrong with. However, from a relationship standpoint--Jasey is my favorite (aside from Bruce). He remembers who I am every time, knows what I like (helps we have ridden together too) and hits me up when he has new stuff (before it becomes public). Hard to argue with the ride quality too: fastest bases I have ever been on, and he will customize anything you like. I think his boards are just as good as Kessler or SG, but Kessler will send you a "order sheet" and generally that is about as far as the "custom" aspect goes. Good luck getting him on the phone--Jasey will talk to you as needed and is responsive via email. Oxess is great too: but damn expensive for what you get (which is of course great, but less value for your dollar there I think). SG is non-custom, for the plebs at least. Think about it. His SL boards are, bar none, amazing. AMAZING.
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    Nias...our son left part of his Nose on the Reef here years ago...he surfed it double overhead with only one other person out for two days...
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    Zimmer total hips 2006 and 2011. Raced Nastar and USASA from 2005 to 2015. Ski and ride about 50 days a season. No problem with hips. Even with a few hard falls on the hips. Total knee in 2016 gives me more issues due to limited range of motion. Hip replacements in September, on the snow in December. Other than going thru airport security, don't really notice the hips.
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    Just learned that there is serious evidence that movements made in time with music tend to be made more efficiently, with greater endurance and less oxygen consumed. https://www.minervamedica.it/en/journals/sports-med-physical-fitness/article.php?cod=R40Y2012N04A0359 I've stayed away from music when I'm riding to be more aware of my surroundings/other riders etc. I might have to reconsider.
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    Then there is the matter of the 5 bicycles...
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    If you’re still looking, I have a 177 Prior 4WD that has ~2 days ride time. PM me if you’re interested.
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    Cowabunga! Stoked !! this just came in the mail... average days per season, was actually 124... well over 20,000 miles, with over 50,000 lifetime so far ...
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    I live in Saskatchewan. 10 days is a good year for me.
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    Get to work old man and stay in Canada.

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