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    Neat idea! When I'm out of the zone: Trees! Mogul! Ice patch! Why is my rear arm flapping about like that?! When I'm feeling 'on': I follow a path that's invisible even to me. I feel like I'm watching a video game in the 3rd person view from above. Not much conscious thought, just looking for the next fun place to go.
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    Ok! Let's go!!! Carve... carve... carve.... carve... Let's hit that bank on the right side! Yeeaaah!!! Carve... carve... carve... carve... carve... Oooh! Untracked pow patch on the left!!! Slaaaaash!!! Back to the groom!!! Carve... carve... carve... carve... carve... carve... This is waaaaay too much fun!!! Oh! Roller coming up! Pop it!!! Carve... carve... carve... carve... carve... carve... Man! The conditions are awesome!!! Flatter section coming up. Let's do it switch! Carve... carve... carve... carve... 180 back to forward! Let's stop and watch Steph and Benny go by. Man! My buddies have style!!! Follow them!!! Etc... etc... etc...
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    Don't know you but like your attitude. A trip to Montana is good for your soul. Having been there once before i can honestly say it will stay with you for the rest of your life. Not the easiest places to get to but the fact that it is" out of the way" is part of the charm. Destination resorts are cookie cutter places i try to avoid. Whitefish does not and i'm sure Turner will not leave you with the feeling you just visited Disneyland for the tenth time. I encourage your family to support your desire and with a little luck you won't be locked out when you return I wasn't !
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    "omg, what is that moron doing!" "why is that jackass stopping right there?!?" "oh yah, that's brilliant, lets all line up & stop on the knoll so no one else can get by!" "Why cant that dolt just ski his line?" "please don't let this idiot smack his skis all over my board on the lift!" "great, all the Jerrys collecting at the top of the lift leaving no room to unload". Sometimes this dialogue is not just internal!
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    This is a Cool video...and certainly belongs to this thread
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    I'm going to call that a placebo. You can't change your C. of G. with how you breathe. However, it distracts the active brain, letting your natural learned reactions control things in a more fluid way. Excellent examples of this are in Inner Game of Tennis by Gallwey.
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    Katherine-Hilde Engeli during one of the coaching sessions at SG camp, emphasized that breathing is key to good carving. when you breath out during press you, stabilize your stomach and core - that leads to better carving.
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    When Shred and these other clowns say this is a good board you should pay attention Not because i know the guy that makes them and rides his builds but because this board has stuff in it that money can't buy and getting one built will be a long wait. Lots of the content of Shreds strange ideas become mainstream but not until the timid have time to grow some! Step up people winter is coming.
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    same... don't die; don't die; don't die... crap i almost die...
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    I found the stock standard F2 Race work perfectly and there's zero movement. Here's a video of them in use on some crappy snow at the end of last season. These were stock bindings, stock boots. Eventually I worked out that riding the Dump Truck on reference stance (which is set back) is a bad idea in this type of cruddy snow, so I shifted the bindings forward (so they were centred) and that seemed to stop the juddering you can see here. After this was shot I also started riding the back foot in "walk" mode, as I could not get sufficient lean on it. When I got home I put another 3 degrees of heel lift back there to get around that. The Phantom things should fix that, so I expect I'll revert to a 3-degree heel lift plus 1-degree toe on front. My concern about cold feet is just speculative - I've not tried them in cold temperatures. They are significantly skinnier than trad boots, hence my concern. I'm not sure if alternative liners would help (because they could not be fatter), but time will tell. From what I recall the "titan flex" are identical to the standard race F2s but there's a base plate thing which provides more flex. So the bails are likely identical. The Backlands are stiff, which I really like. I want the springs for the angle adjustment, not the flex, which I may try to defeat if it gets in the way.
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    Not sure, but with this it would work fine at leaswt this would work with older F2's As liners, i use these https://palau-ski-boot-liners.com/ski-liners/ski-touring-en/all-track-power-custom-thermo-liners/?lang=en
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    Never Summer ads from back in the day. Found on the Never Summer Facebook page.
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    howdy shred I thought I was in line to inherit this?!!! … they call me the flyin' Hawaiian around here so I am capable to fly this thing... but then... I gave up ice fishing a long time ago... and don't need an ice auger anymore...
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    nice board so tempted , looking for a soft boot carving board,
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    Yup. He still has one more...
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    as summer carving becomes fall carving my off season carving jones has been cured, the remedy is expensive but oh so worth it onewheel chores potholes in the dark this is roller carve and this is minicarve 2 beers to a full charge, thanks to Utara Brewing ps 525mi on XR in just over 2 months, 50mi on the Pint in 3 weeks
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    howdy camera guy must have the secret sauce for a super fast base... and some good vids from Toy Films …
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    howdy scottishsurfer not serious, but an old injury on my right big toe and add gout twice this year... boohoo... looks like kagayaking is posting again... and a new rama…
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    We hit 47 registration this afternoon. Turner is happy with that number, so we are a GO for the 2020 Montucky Clear CUT! Thank you all so very much for making this event happen! This event is happening because of you! 5 months and 6 days till the Montucky Clear CUT!
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    Guy left his number. I’d use that. Most “racer for sale posts” are like vapor ware, mixed with unobtainium. They post but never reply to pm’s or re-read answers to their posts.
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    Okay, we're back. The trip was memorable with three safaris in Zimbabwe and Botswana. Three days in Dubai weren't enough. I did put together a Dubai travel video with a fair amount of footage from Ski Dubai. The snow conditions were actually pretty good. The rental board I got was marginal. Would love to have had my Kessler or Madd with me.
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    I think there is some compelling information demonstrated here:
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    snowreport: thu aug 29, 2019 howdy all well... no snow yet, but it has been a really nice summer weather wise, but for me it has not been a good summer, but it has gotten better. went up the hill to pay for my pass so I am ready and looking forward for this up coming season. I am glad Cuban and shred are staying longer this year. it will be fun riding with them and I hope others drop by and ride with us... WTF 2020... ski you laters...
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    At 45! This is such a great community!! This event is happening because of you!!
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    I was sad to hear that Sherman Poppen passed, but glad it didn't go unnoticed by the major media outlets. Growing up Snurfing with friends was fantastic. Hiking out across snowy golf courses and riding in the moonlight was a totally different vibe than where we are today, but I'm not complaining. I love the new technology (hardboots, duh), and still appreciate the simple fact we have lift access on "ski" hills. I sent Sherman this email on Christmas day, 2015: Dear Sherman, I want to thank you for bringing joy to the world in the form of the Snurfer. The gift you made for your daughter 50 years ago has also made a positive impact on my life, the lives of my friends, and now our children as well. As I gather with family counting my blessings, your name came up in conversation and prompted me to send this long-overdue note. Merry Christmas, Mike Tokar Yardley, PA Snurfing with a smile since 1973. As an old Snurfer Fan Boy, I was thrilled to get this short reply a couple weeks later: Thanks Mike..l wish you a fantastic 2016....Sherm Sherman Poppen Sent from my iPad pow4ever - thanks for posting that video. It was great to learn about roots going back that far, and see they're still riding the same way for so many years. Think snow!
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    That’s right! It is the Final Countdown until the the drop dead date for the initial 50 registrations to secure our hill reservation! We are at 41 registered so 9 more and we will have ourselves a private carving session! Thank you so very much for all that have registered!!
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    I’d say Barry is right and both boards are as sweet as can be. The 161 would be better for a lighter rider -200lbs. Very quick edge to edge at any speed. Round turns with no loss of speed/ actually accelerates on medium pitches. Point it and hold on whenever you like. Predictable and stable. Very capable and an extremely high quality build. (Nidecker factory) base is fast and strong. Put 40 days on mine this past season and it rejected everything.
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    That's what I'd do. I'd play with dynafit TLT or something like that instead of buying ATB. Might be useful for splitboarding (in case of powder) and easier to sell (just in case).
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    procrastinates R us, Sorry my summer carve addiction has ursurped my usual pre season fervor
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    @barryj Last year we had 72-80 participants depending on the day. We are currently at 32 registrations. We WILL hit 50. They said “If you build it, they will come”. If it was not for the last minute, nothing would ever get done. Last year we saw the biggest registration push the last week. If event is cancelled due to lack of interest we will refund registration. If we are close in registration numbers, I will work with the board of directors at Turner to sort out a workable solution. We are trending with our registration numbers just like last year, so I am confident that we will meet our numbers. This is a really special event, 100% of your registration dollars are going to a 501C3 (not for profit) ski area. All of the sponsors are supplying product (boards, bindings, swag) for the raffles/games to help raise money for the all volunteer ski patrol. In return we get to have an entire ski area just to ourselves. So for all of you on the fence or waiting till the last minute, we need your help now to keep this event alive and to support an outstanding cause. Please register this week. Thank you so very much to all of you amazing people that already registered. Turner Mountain, the community of Libby and I sincerely appreciate your support.
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    Can't wait to get out on those slopes again. This time with groom. Or waist-deep powder is ok too.
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    Best look numbers on heel outside: Here are the outside shell dimension that you'll find molded into the area of the boot just above the heel pad (medial side or inner ankle). SB Shells (Track 325, Track 225, LeMans, SB### Series) M22 = 253mm M23 = 261mm M24 = 269mm M25 = 277mm M26 = 285mm M27 = 295mm M28 = 303mm M29 = 313mm M30 = 322mm M31 = 332mm AF Shells (Track 700, Indy, Suzuka, AF700/600) M24 = 270mm M25 = 279mm M26 = 289mm M27 = 299mm M28 = 309mm M29 = 319mm M30 = 329mm
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    This plus Phantom Bindings which are designed to have flex/feel more like soft boot binders. Would be an expensive test, and I would be curious of results, but may get you what your after. Ink
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    I've been thinking of your conundrum. If what's you're after is relief from pain then the support and adjustability of plates with hardboots might do it. I doubt, however, that you can replicate the feel of softboots just by softening the tongue or springs of your boots. You could get softer fore-aft flex but the boot still isn't really designed to flex sideways. Especially with the cold weather in CO you'll be left with really stiff boots side to side but with no support fore-aft. I tried this last winter and got to the point that it was too soft even for me. In short, I don't think softening the UPZs will get you what you are looking for. Will SideWinder bindings solve this? Dunno. Maybe the solution is to get a third strap? Put plastic in your boots? Stop growing older?!? If your looking for others experience here's Ryan on hardboots with a wider board and Martin Reviewing the DO with softboots and hardboots.
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    Spring Big Sky Bend It
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    howdy can't believe i'm having foot issues again and have been sitting at home for over a week now. I hope it doesn't effect me in the winter... watching these vids now make me wonder if I can pull off another hard riding season... more softboot girls from rama… 07-30-19...
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    A noob as to alpine boards but a split boarder at Baker...but a definite convert to Atomic Backland boots (non carbon) for both split riding, solid inbound riding...and only experimenting/exploring alpine boards. The Backlands took abit of tweaking the liners and only heat moulded the shells 1x and no other diy mods to the shells. They fit perfectly like slippers, easy to walk/hike/tour in. It only takes a flip of the heel/cuff lever to go from walking/touring to ride mode; and there is no need to adjust the buckles (at least for moi). Often buckle the boots on in the morning and they stay that way all day...no need to loosen the buckles at lunch (both for BC touring and resort riding). Anyway once I got these boots dialed, have not been tempted to even put on my softies (32 focus boas)....which I loved. The Backlands are lighter, easier to get on/off, slipper comfortable all day...and the PERFORMANCE IS OUTSTANDING!!! Splitty or solid resort board riding is instantly more responsive, assured and confidence enhancing. Within 3 inbound runs on my solid resort boards (non alpines) were cruising groomers at 60+mph which was about 10mph faster than I was doing in the softies. Unfortunately at Baker, we don't have really high speed groomers to really open up the throttle even more. Back to boots. I think a wider sole/footprint might be interesting...just to get some more sq inches on the snow and wood. However it seems that it would likely add weight. OTOH with at least the Phantoms (split bindings) and using the "One Binding" pucks on solid boards along with the Spark Dyno DH binding plates...a wider boot foot print does not seem needed. Anyway for my purposes...mainly BC splitty, I like the less weight and the small foot print actually works pretty good for kicking and stomping holes in the crusties. As for Backlands, I like a stiff boot, infact part of the reason for going to the Backland was because I could not find a softboot in my size (mondo 24) that was stiff enough. I find riding with out the tongues works just right for forward and lateral flex...actually should try using the tongues for a couple of runs. Just to clarify, I have the non-carbon Backlands (women mondo 24), however now that I've spent a season using these, I don't think there would be much of an issue going to the carbon cuff. Take this all with a shovel of salt when it comes to alpine boards (only got to spend 2 days this past spring on alpine boards with the Backlands).
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    Probably not. To resolve that particular problem, you can invest time toward making better use of the equipment you already have. However, if you want a plate, buy a plate. Then budget for the next plate that you hope will resolve the issues not adequately addressed by the plate you have.
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    I’d say it’s a predictable pop. Hit me up at reppiiinsnowllc@gmail.com. I’ll get a demo out to you when the season comes. Unless you live near a mountain that’s still open. I can also send you a video review done by Martin Drayton.
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    Old school bend w telephoto and current day bend w fisheye
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    Plate works great!
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    A favorite shot of mine from ECES a few years ago, taken by Bob Jenney.
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    I particularly like the ferocious sideslipping action going on above you...
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    Mario, With all due respect to your most recent comment and others on this board that may be upset such as yourself. You are correct in that it is not fun to kick someone when they are down. This story has 3 sides, Fin's, Angie's and Jim's. The three of them are truly the only people that know all of the facts of which some appear to be in dispute never to be resolved. I think many of us come to this forum (thanks Jack) to discuss what went on and many of us have a lot of questions and opinions (as the saying goes opinions are like a$$holes---everyone's got one). For the most part I haven't read anything highly offensive on this board, just opinions, though some highly charged at times. I am guilty of that I will confess so if I have said anything that offended anyone I do apologize. Keep in mind a great business and tightly bonded community and customers within that community were impacted, some losing good amounts of monies. As soon as we arrived at Jim & Angie's first ATC (2016) and observed how the event was being run, the new expensive van and other things some of us had a hunch things might not end well. I say this as there were numerous people making similar comments about their observations as well (new van with wrap, huge house that was seemingly excessive, etc.). Before getting into my thoughts, a little about my background. Years ago I did several years doing analyst work for the SBA (Small Business Administration) going out into the community to help failing business's that had SBA loans nearing default. My job was to analyze the business, recommend solutions in order to save the loan and to prevent the company from having to file BK. I did this while in college and during this same time I also helped my parents run a mid size construction firm they owned during summer breaks. Owning a business is tough and risky. Usually there isn't much time for fun! I subsequently spent 15+ years as an Advisory Consultant/Director/Sr. PM in a tech firm managing projects of $500 million+ or more. So I have some decent business background in addition to about 29 years of snowboarding and some of that spent working and helping a couple of the business's in various capacities. As such I am a little familiar with the industry and our hb niche as well. When they filed BK for Bomber I took a look at the detailed data in the BK filing documents as I wanted to understand what went down a little better (and I like to work on facts as much as possible). As you are aware Fin bought out his partners in around 1993. He successfully ran the business for about 22+ years until he decided it was time to sell and move on to something new. The business provided him with a rather solid income (I am sure lean in some years since the business is somewhat dependent on snow) and it also provided employment to 1 to 2 other individuals. After reviewing the detailed financial information from the BK filing and later down the road taking a look at a detailed business prospectus that Fin put together (and it was VERY detailed) I spent some time running basic numbers because I wanted a better picture of things just for my own personal knowledge/understanding. Without getting into the "nitty gritty" here are some key facts/observations/opinions/questions: 1. The sale of Bomber according to records was in May of 2015 in the amount of $210,672. Agreement terms are unknown. As others have said on this thread the sale did not include the machinery (I think that went to a different company) and if my memory is correct Fin kept the bail bender (though I may be wrong). 2. Fin's prospectus was very what we call "T&L" tight and lean and also paying himself a respectable and reasonable salary. We had the opportunity to spend time in Fin's factory some years ago and I can personally say he ran a tight ship (he knew the inventory down to the screws). 3. Right out of the gate what is the biggest difference between Fin running the business and Jim & Angie? Besides Jim and Angie not having the equipment in house? A big difference that would have to be taken into consideration by any buyers is the fact that Fin produced a chunk of the goods in house on premises. Jim and Angie did not have that luxury and that is a big cost savings to Fin (live where you work). 4. Did Jim & Angie perform due diligence before buying the business? Did they have a firm look at the contract taking into consideration what their costs would be? Did they have a lawyer review the contract? Did they ask for copies of the past 3 years of tax returns? Did they do a projected cash flow? Did they audit receipts? I don't know the answer to this, but surely if that had been done some costs and overhead expenses (fixed and variable) would have been taken into consideration. Did they have a written business plan? Seems if they had truly done proper due diligence they would have gone into this with eyes wide open and known the relevant facts. 5. Did Jim or Angie have prior experience running a small business? Did they have intimate knowledge of the snowboarding industry? market? demographics? 6. Jim & Angie obtained a loan from Alpine Bank in the amount of $90K in May of 2015 (terms unknown) in addition to obtaining a loan through a private individual in the amount of $50K (terms unknown). I am not sure if they took other loans or had liquid assets available at the time of purchase. What we do know is that based on these 2 facts they had approximately $140K in operating cash to start with (and that operating cash was also debt). There are 2 pretty hard and fast rules about small business. 1) Likely failure is within the first 24 to 30 months and 2) Owner should have 18 months of operating cash on hand and access to an additional 6 months for a total of 24 months operating cash on hand/readily accessible. 7. They moved from their rental house to a larger house assuming a new liability of $4K per month in rent living in a much larger space, but not manufacturing from the space. The business did not warrant a retail showroom especially given the location and little to no foot traffic nor retail storefront visibility. At $4K per month that is $48K PER YEAR in rental expenses! 8. They purchased a 2015 Ford Transit 350T for a purchase price of 49,650.20 amounting to monthly payments of $819.17 over 60 months. They wrapped the van for an unknown cost (best guesstimate is 4-5K). They could have purchased a used van for a reasonable price and kept the graphics to a minimum. 9. Their payment to Alpine Bank on a loan of $90K was estimated at about $1,800 per month. 9. Their monthly payment to Fin was an estimated amount of $3,500 (assumes $210K paid over 60 months). 10. Their monthly payment of a personal $50K loan is unknown, so an estimated monthly payment of say $500 over 60 months. 11. At the time they purchased the business Angie was making a salary of $61K (though collecting $71,500). Jim's salary is unknown, but per BK filing not substantial. For ease of calculation let's assume after taxes she brought home $4,200 per month (no dependents). 12. Monthly expenses that we know from the above (does not include other expenses which we do not have facts for) = $10,619.17 and this is a low number, excluding other personal and business expenses for which I don't have detailed information. My best guess is total monthly was running around 14-17K taking product and other expenses into account. 13. We know they had approximately $140K cash (also debt) on hand when they started the business plus access to Angie's monthly salary of an estimated say $4,200 net per month. This right here is a red flag. The bare bones minimum of expenses (which is well under actual) is 10-11K per month. Keep in mind this amount excludes production and acquisition of products. 14. Did hardgood vendors (boots and boards) provide a line of credit to Jim and Angie or were the account(s) on COD? This too impacts cash flow. 15. Did Jim and/or Angie have the skills to tweak existing products? Develop new products? Did they have access to more capital to do R&D? 16. Numerous people have stated they had a poor customer service experience during Jim and Angie's tenure. 17. Assuming the cost burdens of putting on ATC in the winter of 2016. Perhaps this should have been a off year while they got the business up and running and on solid footing. 18. They had to rely on others to manufacture the goods (excludes boots and boards). This is a weak spot and does not appear to have been taken into consideration during the due diligence process (or lack thereof). 19. While I don't have access to review the buyer/seller agreement I did look at the detailed data in the prospectus Fin sent and the numbers work (though tight). I trust Fin and don't believe he was dishonest. At all. Period. 20. Owning a business requires blood, sweat, tears and shrewd finances. 21. Assuming $15K (see #12, $10,619 + say $4K) per month in expenses (very very rough estimate based on above plus padding for product, materials etc) in my humble opinion they would have needed to have access to $360K in funds to safely sustain them over a 24 month period. In my humble opinion the business didn't have a chance from the start because they took on unnecessary/high expenses combined with irresponsible personal spending (at least according to the news reports). At the $15K per month estimate they would have blown through their cash from the loans within about 9 months. They started the company on about day 1 with approximately a total debt of $400,322.20 ($210,672+$90,000+$50,000.00+$49,650.20). According to the paper and warrant the theft started 11/2015 which is about 6 months from the time they purchased the company. It is also worth noting they really didnt have any personal skin in the game as it appears the did this using loans (other people's money). This isn't the most optimal way to start a small business or any business for that matter. High debt, low cash and high expenses:( The above is just some basic information. Sit back and take a closer look. They took on large and unnecessary expenses, combined with $400K in debt out of the gate and only $140K in cash on hand. It appears they failed to do proper due diligence to make sure the deal would work for their financial situation (which was much different than Fin's) and lack of sufficient operating capital needed to sustain the business and get it on a solid footing within the first 24 months from date of purchase. I am truly sad for Fin, for all those that have experienced less than than professional customer service and those that paid for goods that were never received. The alarming part in all of this is that the website was up and running and still taking orders when they knew that they could not fulfill the orders and were preparing to file BK. While bad things happen to good people this whole sad thing that has happened could have easily been avoided. It is going to be a tough road for Angie and Jim (especially Angie). The consequences of her actions will impact her life for years to come. At least she admitted to what she did when she was caught (though would she have admitted to it if she wasn't caught?) If the court/jury finds her guilty or Angie gets a plea deal and she accepts/completes her punishment she will have paid her debt to society and we hope that she will somehow land on her feet.

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