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    There has been a flurry of activity regarding boots on this forum lately, and I now feel it is my turn to put my foot in it. This follows on from my “binding ramblings” thread from last year, combined with some good thoughts from other forum contributors. I have also ridden more in soft boots over the winter - in powder, in carving conditions and even in the park – all in the name of science. I have discovered a few things, e.g. that I love riding at flatter angles, but I soon come across the limitations of the equipment and cannot help but think there is room for improvement. There has also been much talk regarding how to grow our sport, and it seems that many flashing arrows are pointing squarely towards the boots. Consider the rapid development of ski equipment in recent years (especially ski touring), and also of soft boot equipment. The choice of gear is huge in these fields, and the technology is advancing continuously. Frankly, hard booting has been left behind. Apologies if I repeat the ideas of others. This is an attempt to bring some thoughts together in one place, rather than to claim intellectual property rights for anything. I will get right to the heart of the matter: Bad things about hard boots: You have, for some inexplicable reason, decided to go snowboarding in your ski boots. Ask anyone in the lift line. NOBODY dares talk to you, as you are clearly a lunatic. Hard boots and bindings have evolved from standard ski binding interfaces; therefore the bindings are attached to the ends of the boot - resulting in a long and narrow sole. Makes lots of sense for skis, but not for boards. The toe of the boot is not foot shaped, but symmetrical about the center, due to the ski boot heritage. This also makes the boot longer than required. The heels of my UPZ boots are 59 mm high to the inside of the foot bed. We are in stiletto country now. It is impossible to look even remotely normal while walking across a slippery floor with a tray full of drinks in these boots. Neither can you stand upright, even in walk mode. The center of the foot is 15 mm behind the center of the binding interfaces on my boots – which makes it non-intuitive to fit the bindings correctly to the board. The long sole leads to long tensile load paths, which then lead to bindings that are longer than necessary. The narrow sole leads to high lateral bending forces, hence poor control over lateral flex in the boot / binding interface. (My reference here is toe lever bindings.) Long boots with high heels are not well suited to flatter angles and wider boards. Good things about hard boots: Buckles! Tighten the boot as much as needed, exactly where needed. A well-defined mechanical pivot and a spring system provides plenty of progressive flex - in the right direction. The plastic shell provides stiffness in other directions. (Although, as an observation, “hard” boots do not need to be especially rigid. RC8’s are so soft you could stuff your pillow with them.) Bad things about soft boots: No mechanical pivot. The soft boot flexes by deforming and buckling of the shell. This is not very linear or well defined, and creates pressure points on the foot and ankle. Soft boots also tend to be “loose” initially and then stiffen up considerably when flexing further. Not enough lateral stiffness or longitudinal flex for riding with steeper binding angles. And lacing is not a good way to tighten ANY winter sport boot. More and more elaborate lacing systems enter the market, and they don’t work all that well. The strap binding is a large, breakable and cumbersome device. Boots and bindings need to be matched carefully. Good things about soft boots: I can walk! It’s a miracle! Low heels and wide, grippy soles. Foot-shaped. Short sole length. Low weight. Soft initial flex in all directions works well for flatter angles and non-carving. Bad things about both soft and hard boots: The walking surfaces are also the binding interfaces. If the snow is even slightly sticky, the soles need scraping thoroughly prior to entering the bindings. On short runs, this can be a right time waster. Following on seamlessly; a proposed new boot and binding system: Fundamentally, I would like a shorter, foot shaped hard boot with a wide, grippy sole and binding interfaces on the sides rather than at the ends. The binding can now be more compact, but with a much wider spacing of the transverse load paths, and centered on the foot longitudinally. Build as much flex, lift, cant and height as you want into the binding. For carving and all-mountain uses, I would lift the boot off the base of the binding by about half an inch, so that you no longer have to scrape snow off the sole. I have attached a preliminary sketch of the TangleBoot for the entertainment of The Carving Community. Note that the binding is nowhere near “designed” at this point, but the sketch shows roughly where I think the attachment points should be. Et voila! You now look like a fun-loving snowboarder, rather than a high heeled skier who walks funny. A slick, reliable step-in system should now be within reach. With studs sticking out on the sides of the boots, this becomes very simple - but it would make for a much nicer boot if we could have recessed inserts, similar to those of ski touring bindings. As of now, I am not sure how you could then make an easy-to-use step-in system that would not clog up with snow. Is there any way we can get the folks who designed the Salomon Shift binding interested in snowboard carving?
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    Have you not noticed our demographic? just sayin
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    Cowabunga! Stoked !! this just came in the mail... average days per season, was actually 124... well over 20,000 miles, with over 50,000 lifetime so far ...
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    https://drive.google.com/file/d/1mrbaNcLXQpnUZc8vyU_NqDEOg6MMac4J/view?usp=drivesdk This is the second video Black Eagle Media donated to us for Turner to use for promotional purposes. Cheers!
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    Late to the party but Burton deserves way more credit than this. Burton supported racing and alpine more than any other manufacturer, right up until they stopped in about 2003. They had full selections of race, freecarve, and all-mtn freecarve gear prominently displayed in their catalogs, starting with their first race board, the Express in 86 or 87. For many years they had as many as 3 different models of hardboots running concurrently, and 3 or 4 different models of plate bindings including step-ins. They invented 2 different kinds of step-ins, one which worked with any standard boot. For several years they offered symmetrical and asymmetrical race boards at the same time. Talk about commitment! And in the catalog, they made it look cool. In the early days, Jake Burton Carpenter was into Snurfer racing, and he thought organized racing was the future of the sport. Burton started the US Open with this intent. It wasn't until Sims became a big enough market force that Burton finally put a kick tail on a board in 1988. Their consumer race gear was as good as any production race boards could be. To say it never had a heart is way off the mark.
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    Its always been scattered around and not really in one place.. I need the MFR or store links to get stuff ...from across the globe nowadays... I hate to have it turn into where you can post...we already have that.. looking for links... Like UPZ to buy (Dan Yoya site), Virus link, Thirst link, Gloves, Boots...(all carving stuff..even G-Style)... I remember the second issue of "Carving" had a center page that listed all or most of what was known at the time for everything releated...it was kinda nice... for kicks I went back and tried them...only about 30% at best worked due to no link or no longer around, but since then stuff has surfaced...ie....Thirst... Plates...etc.. It probably needs a Moderator to keep it simple..and doesn't become a place for posting...just links to buy and find product... "Shopping" like that center page of Carving .. Thanks in Advance Jack for putting it together...Sorry you missed the meeting so you got assigned the action items... Right Said Fred..
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    I love it when long standing members like Shred come up with great ideas and volunteer to see them through. Instead of going golfing, shining up their bike and causing trouble ripping up the street on weekends. Expecting quite a list by Monday Good Luck !
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    Looks really clean Bob, it would appear you have an old school craftsman there! Getting harder and harder to find those guys around anymore. Spending my days so far this summer imparting nearly 40 years of my personal carpenters knowledge as well as the millenials worth that was passed on to me by all of my mentors through the years to an eager young man. Very fun to watch when the light goes on when he gets it! Mario
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    Took them out with me
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    Now, that's that. May I propose we close this topic? It's a bit of a wincing and a pain to read all those stuffs on both sides of the coin. I think it would be wise if we could move on?
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    To set the record straight, the term UPM was proposed to me by Fin and Sean after we released our plate to the public. I declined since I didn't feel it was a universal at all. And, to be honest, the insert pattern was only a slight modification on the Hangl design. Since the entire plate system was literally wrapped in duct tape and secrecy prior to the Olympics, I highly doubt that the term UPM or ASIP existed prior to the 2010 Games. Benji's plate was indeed the inspiration for the Apex project. The Canadian team wanted a plate that would deliver the benefits of Karl's isolation plate but be actually ride-able by humans and not just Austrian cyborgs. SG used the 4x4 pattern to mount their plates. In conversations with Sigi, he was adamant in retaining the 4x4 inserts. This was clearly a mistake in our opinion since the axle positions were too far inboard. Your foot would roll forward using the axle as a fulcrum, lifting the centre of the plate. SG tried to address this with posts and bumpers under the nose of the plate and by making the plate thick and stiff. Other 4x4 mounted plates had similar issues. All water under the bridge but I thought I would settle the facts.
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    the company is fictional its from the Portal series of games
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    Oscar, with the help of his son Oscar, are doing a super job, on the Fire Place surround
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    +1 on layers! The best jacket has pants attached! One piece suit!
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    Somewhere there is a wanker emoji that would be totally appropriate here...
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    Noted. List updated to delete Imperial Stout Trooper and replace it with the Cunning Linguist IPA.
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    Along the lines of off season purchases, what are you thinking of your next custom topsheet? (Hint: This thread is inclusive. Even if you don't have the money, plan on buying, or even have interest in buying a custom board you can still suggest a cool topsheet!) I'll start, here's my plan for the upcoming BXFR:
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    Here you go, Phantom Snowboards are going to produce the springy things: https://www.phantomsnow.com/shop/link-levers-for-atomic-backlands "Provides forward lean adjustment from 6-26 degrees." That'll work.
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    UPDATE: Michael (president) from USASA seems a really good guy. Finding it hard to blame them, as they seem caught in the middle. I am going to try to get the anonymous reporting aspect removed, as this is where my concern stems from. It seems, USASA sees my point and I will talk with them beginning of the week. In the interim, I will look to see how to get that specific rule changed and this may all solve itself.
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    https://www.donek.com/product/ryan-knapton-karving-block/ Looks like fun! Its out of my budget but I'd love to be up there during that time.
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    I don't believe there is an upper limit here.
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    Alright. We are 45 days or so from meeting the minimum requirement of 50 people for Montucky. If this does not happen this year I will be very sad. This is such a unique event and we need to make it an annual event. THIS means I need you. OK stupid Americana. What is the current count and how many more do we need? Dreadman we may need to start a count down clock to make sure we meet the minimum! PS; If we are unlucky we may have to ride powder! And I can say with certainty I know of 3 people already confirmed!
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    Fred Mertz checking in. My favorite and "best jacket" is the loose cut size large jacket that is 85 % off, normally about this time of year. Always found on-line and never in my preferred color but that's the only reason that i ever wear anything other than black, so it works out. Grease, snags on trees, frozen cord the cafeteria always have me looking to save$ in this department That said, I like the AK stuff I've had but they need better QC with zippers.
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    I am hanging out for next season. I did all of four days last season. Once the house renovations are finished, the house is sold and I've moved into a condo with nothing better to do, I can ride every weekend. Bonus that our company was acquired a few weeks ago, and year end for accounting is now September and not January ... so I don't have to spend the best months of winter chained to a desk fending off auditors "happy dance".
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    103miles in, 1 nose dive toss to the ground pushing too hard up a steep gravel road, pads are a must.got toe and heel lifts for better carving
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    https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=-E5Cj6mvIa4 Moon & Carve 2020 is in the works
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    howdy this kid is riding strong like rama… and riding same bc stream boards...
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    Overall, they committed the crime, personally, that's enough of punishment for a member of this community. I believe, they did not planned whole this. And for one person, that is enough.
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    Here's Kai Lenny in Glenwood Springs...Surfin and Foilin the Colorado river
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    If you do a good job i would recommend that the tread be called " The Shred Shed Of Things Snowboarding".
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    2019 Montucky Clear CUT video donated and produced by Black Eagle Media. https://drive.google.com/file/d/1OU9fCAF0rPFCkvamZOwfActy1qGSrK1V/view?usp=sharing
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    If you are looking for artist to commission a top sheet: some serious talents Some contents are NSFW: https://www.deviantart.com/ maybe some top sheet with this style with character from Bioshock Can you tell I like video game lately there are no time :-(
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    Conditions were typical spring today. Chair 2 was fine for a few runs in the morning, then when they started running the cat on it it got variable, and I switched to Broadway. Bottom of stump is getting low on coverage in some places but it is really either a dirt patch or snow, not really a "yeah its snow..." with rocks everywhere which is good. There were a whole bunch of racer hard booters (atleast 10) though doing training, so that was fun to watch. Saw 1 other hardbooter too. Heres a quick vid from today. Not my best run, and first time trying to hold a gopro so sorry its not a great video. I also realized my color temp was off which I was able to fix a little in post, and camera was set to linear instead of wide so not the best. https://youtu.be/4j-6jGQj1Eg
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    toe/heel bias is way more sensitive than a snowboard
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    The starting point of mines probably, going for a grim reaper/death style graphic. It'll probably be going on a very big scary soft boot donek incline/flux hybrid ive been pondering if i don't get it next season it will defintely happen the one after that.
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    I torture myself also with a fresh pair of 951 wc. Done the switch from standard ones. Second torture is a brand new allflex sitting and waiting. I am also pondering an amicss slalom board...
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    thanks Arnaud...
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    I like having sex AND defacing public property, but now that I'm older I don't do either one as much as I'd like.
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    No - Cross M was all about racing, but we had a bunch of multidisciplinary riders. - so they kept the XM on all their stuff. There used to be a cross m alumni page on Facebook...but I got kicked off after "disagreeing" with my favorite guy Jay W. [emoji867] Sent from my iPad using Tapatalk

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