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    Friends, With the 2019 winter season winding down or over in the northern hemisphere, I'd like to share this update with you. Since we rolled out subscriptions about a year ago, so far we have donated $950 EACH to USASA and USSRT. Please give yourselves a pat on the back for helping support our fringe sport, at least here in the USA. Every little bit helps! If you are not yet a subscriber and would like to join the cause, please click the Subscriptions tab at the top of the forum. I would also like to thank everyone for making the transition from the old forums at BOL. This group of virtual friends is now nearly 20 years old! So glad it was not lost during Bomber's tumultuous change of hands. Thanks again! Jack
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    My Jack M hand me down .... loving this board...
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    Yesterday at Timberline we had a group of six and I ended up on a chair with a couple of softbooters. One of them said, "Dude, you guys inspired us to do a run out of the park and on the groomer!".
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    Goodbye Monodude, and the 2018/19 season For me , this is a rather sad post. 12 years ago, you showed up on our porch, orphaned, with your Warren Miller bonafides, wrapped in your red onesie, and matching helmet with your name on it so you could remember who you were, and have it returned if you lost it. Over time, it became evident that you were the biggest freak amongst a band of freaks, which is why i'm sure Kress sent you over to our merry bunch of misfits. It has been both an honor and a privilege to ride with you, watching you up your game as we upped ours, and your presence at the luv will surely be missed. On a personal level, I would like to thank you again for that bit of work you brought me in on back in the fall of 09, that was a tough time for me, and that helped me on many levels, least of which was monetarily, though that was very helpful. Good luck, and safe travels my friend, hopefully we will cross trenches again in the future. There is room for you at the Libby a-frame, should you find a way to make it there next February. It was a good season, I made a serious jump in my carving once I slid on those new kicks, but damn, along with the increased performance, my body really started to feel beat up. My front hip, back knee, and back ankle are truly looking forward to the coming shift from my sticks to my bikes, which in unto itself opens the door to a whole new potential myriad of aches, cuts, bruises and pain. Maybe someday I will start acting like the nearly 56 year old that I am, but judging from my past behavior, this scenario seems highly unlikely. C'est le vie. Compounding the loss of The Dude, over last summer, the one person responsible for the existence of the LCI, left Denver for Albuquerque. We have been missing you Pete, but at the same time we are all glad you have found nirvana in your new home. We welcome new members Yasu and Johann to the fold. Y'all have some big boots to fill. Well in one case small, but metaphorically large boots. Hopefully we can all resume this nonsense in October, November latest, 'til then have a safe, fun, and productive summer. Mario .
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    Another great Lovey season, but I have to say I'm glad it was the finale.... Keep your hands off the snow, they said. Don't pat the dog, they said. Reach for the outer boot, they said... What they failed to say is, if you're going down on heelside, let your arse take the impact! That nasty black and blue thumb, nauseating everyone in the Rat Sunday afternoon was diagnosed as a crushed carpometacarpal joint. Splint for a few weeks, then therapy. Maybe it's off season, for a reason. On a few sentimental notes: Pete, we missed you this season, but so glad you're enjoying your new surroundings. As a former southern flatlander, I too enjoyed Santa Fe, Taos and Angel Fire as viable alternatives to CO. Monodude leaving us? Dude, what can I say? So much in common, yet without our band of hooligan misfits, our paths would likely never have crossed. Slow Lovey lifts will be utter molasses without our engaging conversations on old school m/c road racing, your latest, greatest and most freakish mono, comparing old guy joint pain and concussions. I promise when I bring out the Easy Jungle, I'll have Hailey make a video for your viewing entertainment! If you're ever in the hood, you always got a room! Enjoy your new PNW digs! Old Guys Rule! Seasons come and seasons go, but the LCI lives on! later... James
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    you guys have a great carving group at loveland, and i was delighted to be a part of it for so long. next year it is Ski Sante Fe passes for me and G (who is making quality turns), and an Ikon pass for me, which = five days at Taos. Come down any time. there is quality carving at both places. enjoy the summer.
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    Essay contest closed, scroll down to see the winner Now known as the Karma board, just showed up on my front porch one day 3 or so years ago from Jose, aka Queequeg. Yours for the price of shipping, with one stipulation, you cannot sell it, you must pass it on to someone else with the ability to ride it once you are done with it. Like all virus's, it is big and bad ass, with a big secret clothoid side cut, but will turn nice and tight and give you a nice rewarding ride if you treat it with respect, ride it with large gorilla balls, weigh over an1/8th of a ton, and pay attention. It'll spank you, and ride your ass if you don't. I will post pics later when I am not feeling lazy, and if there is any interest. I only have room for 7 boards on my rack at the moment, and I am contemplating another purchase, in case you need to know why I am parting with , and offering such an outrageous deal. Whomever can state their case best in essay form, and not dibs, gets this most excellent stick, local pick up preferred, though not mandatory. Mario
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    from Russia with love again )) season end
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    A week or two ago I contacted Hansjuerg Kessler to order my second custom from him (my 168 is just so good that I need a GS version) and I look forward to having it arrive next fall. At the same time my lovely and intrepid wife Karin is on a back country ski trip in Iceland. She's a full time ski instructor and guide and her gift to herself after a long winter of caring for others is to go to Iceland and hire a guide and enjoy some of the best back country skiing on the planet. Her guide this year is a gentleman named Dario. Karin and Dario get to talking and Karin tells him that her husband (yours truly) is an alpine snowboarder and Dario asks what brand of board I ride. Karin tells him I ride Kesslers and his face lights up - "I'm friends with Hans Kessler!" Dario explains that Kessler lives in a small village where there are no cars and the only way in/out is via a tram and then he pulled up this video that was made to promote the village. Hansjuerg is featured in the video. So two skiers, on a snowfield in Iceland, talking about alpine snowboarding and husbands and friends. Fun stuff. Dave
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    Yes, there were a couple of distinct designs he worked on this past season. They are not on the website. If you’re in line for a board, you may find out more about them. They are like those items at a Chinese restaurant that are only known to regulars or those that can read the Chinese menu : ) He did spend some time working on some new stuff including a line of high performance boards. (Actually these were the Sick Day protos/demos that Bruce sent to MCC) I believe one of the main changes had to do with a design change in the core profiles. I spent quite a bit of time riding a Nirvana version of this board. This was my preferred ride for fast firm conditions. Great ice performance and when things start to get a bit choppy, it still cut through nicely with plenty of stability. It definitely had a bit of a Wow factor when riding in more challenging conditions. It’s a rewarding board for those who like to ride aggressively; a bit more of a demanding ride. A friend of mine got one early last season and loved it. (Nirvana V4 was on the topsheet so that may or may not be the official name for it) I think Bruce may have sold only one or two other versions of this board last season. He also dabbled in a design that has sidecut/design features similar to the Thirst line of boards with his usual metal construction. After trying it out, I felt many of the same characteristics that I had read about from the Thirst board reviews: In particular the feeling of having to ride centered and being able to edge confidently without having to get too low. It was very easy to ride. Almost too easy! Once you get it on edge the board just goes and locks in nicely; it doesn’t seem to need or want any additional power/push from the rider. I can definitely see the allure of a ride like that but I’d say my personal preference is for a board that is a bit more dynamic; I still like getting that response from the board when I give it that extra push and like the ability to pressure the nose at times. Bruce seemed to really enjoy it. It’s one of those boards that you can ride all day without feeling it too much in yours legs.
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    Yup. I scored Jack's spare 168... Love this Kessler! It's a game changer.
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    Now that the golf season is here i believe the only thing happening at Coiler is that golf balls are being murdered at an alarming rate and bike is being prepped ready for the track. Rolling stones concert is cancelled so Bruce should be getting a good nites sleep so you don't have to worry about a monday morning build.
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    #!%@#¤%!!!!! THAT is NOT a SPADE you IDIOT!!!! That is a SQUARE POINT SHOVEL!!!! THIS IS A @¤(/&!"#&!ING SPADE!!!
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    Yamifumi, Dennis, Mario, XRH, Ice and I in attendance. Don joined us for a lap or two before going over to be with his kind. Dusty Bottle and Haley too. So how was it? The good, the bad, and the ugly. The good: The snow. Amazing, in fact for May. Firm and grippy while being fast. I especially liked firebowl and etow. The bottom part of the mountain was more slushy but honestly, really not bad. The DO simply loved these conditions! I've been getting some bootout on softer snow but not on this stuff. It was really great. The bad: End of season . Even if we all could use the rest it still sucks. The ugly: Plenty. Crowds, Gapers, Straightliners, etc... I had more close calls today than the last 3 months. Also, variable snow took out Dusty's thumb - ugh. Given the kookiness I am happy there are no more injuries to report! That is it for me this season. I am going back to the gym to work on my non-existent athletic ability. Will see you kooks October hopefully. Happy summer!
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    Dear Karma Board, Alpine carving tames the darkness within that is masked with humor, sarcasm, and a brutal exercise regime. Riding the Karma board will further this pursuit of alpine excellence as well as the "lipstick on a pig" game that I play. I promise to hold you and to love you, until we get on the snow. There, I promise to push you to the limit of my abilities...without lube. I promise not to sell you on ebay for drug or candy money unless I run out of chocolate. There may be times that I am with other boards. Fear not, I am dedicated to my entire harem. Love, Erik J PS I will source said gorilla testicles directly from China. I got a guy. He's been my go-to for anything testicle related for over 20 years.
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    Daveo - I had a 161 Demo I got from Don and I can say it's a Turny Predictable Little Bandit!! AND I'd say if I could find an unmolested carbon 2017-2018 (the shiny topsheet model) D O 161 I'd by it in a heartbeat! You seriously gotta try this board! Trust me, you won't be disappointed!!
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    Whadda ya sayin' ova here? With all due respect, I take this assault on my personal integrity rather insulting. As a former resident of the great state of NJ, I would expect more respect from you, capiche? Andrew sent his essay to me via pm, and made the most convincing case, Eric, the most sick, amusing and twisted.
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    No disagreement, I think you'll find that many Americans feel the same way.
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    Wife sent an email Titled Pedro's sweet ride... Cant wait till Friday to see in person. Thanks Bruce
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    Wait a minute. Where's the essay? How do we know the fix wasn't in...
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    Mike and Annie ripped whatever, wherever
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    SurfStyle...Larry C and the Milkman by unknown
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    If there's a more beautiful sport than longboard wave riding, I don't know what it is. RIP https://www.latimes.com/local/obituaries/la-me-mike-doyle-surf-legend-dead-20190502-story.html soB
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    Just got the tracking number from Bruce ,2 new coilers too arrive next week. One for me and the wife. Looks like i will get a few days on it before the end of the year. Can't wait to post pics and see the boards. I won a board at the Montucky raffle and Bruce got it done along with one for the wife this year. Thank you Bruce!
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    Thanks for taking up the reins, Jack. We wouldn't have much of a sport in this country if we didn't have this website.
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    Stoked!! Our new Home in Carbondale, is moving right along... and Milkland, still just a short distance away ...
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    I knew it rang a bell. This one is more my speed.
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    I like having sex AND defacing public property, but now that I'm older I don't do either one as much as I'd like.
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    And snowboarding is not biking. Different vibes for different seasons. For me it's all about flow, be it snow or dirt. or rocks. either way, I am at peace when I am in motion. ride on mario
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    This is how work makes me feel these days....
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    The K168 is really something special. It's a 10 without a plate, 11 with. I tested 4 plates this year for an article I'm going to write. I ended up keeping the Apex X-plate. If that's not in the budget the Donek AF is awesome too. Both give a nice increase in edge hold and comfort. The Apex is a bit more flexible so it allows a bit more pedaling and is more compliant. It's also lower to the board so once you get used to it it basically disappears. I entered the test fully biased to love the Allflex, but didn't like it at all on this board.
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    @Poloturbo Bienvenue chez toi
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    I just received a Coiler Monster from Bruce. New side cut is called Contra I believe. Rode it Saturday then put it in storage till next year. It seems incredible stable at speed with lots of grip. Wife was shocked on the edge hold of the BXFR. Her first time on a Coiler. Thank you Bruce for great boards. And thanks for donating a board for the MCC rafle! Much Appreciated And we are on the list for 2 more at end of January 2020!
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    I'll take a quick shot at a forensic analysis: overpowered board, stuffed nose, snapped board, board stopped, body kept on going, boots didn't, leg broke. Sorry to see and hear this Nitro, that sucks!! Mario
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    Wow what a review. I have to extend my appreciation to you, that's really amazing. By far the best snowboard reviewer.
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    Apparently I got the last slot for 2019. Going with a 160 BX, decambered nose, 27cm wide, and probably carbon for extra pop. Not sure about the sidecut. Thinking 8/10/9 since the role of bigger sidecut cruiser is filled by the DO. I kinda want a quick all mountain thing. Any thoughts?
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    Never seen an update without an edit- it's almost like he's copy pasted this message to every snowboarding forum he can find.
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    The Chronick Booster is a nickel/chrome smelted alloy material. 3 times more pop than ordinary metals. This is exclusive to Alloy Snowboards. I just added a photo of the D.O. with a clear top sheet so you can see the two metal strips.
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    What's the freight going to be from I-carve though ? As far as service goes and competitive pricing, Bola at All Board Sports is your best bet. If there is a problem, shipping it back and forth to CO from CA is going to be allot cheaper in the long run, than a potential warranty issue using a dealer from out of the US. I've used Henry with APEX in the past and like most dealers/manufacturers in the industry he was awesome. I had to send something back to Kessler once, and it was blessing that I bought that Kessler from Bola.
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    Mid-spring and some snow left for a little bit of fun........
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    Friday was great! What a great day to end the best season in memory. I think I got in 18 - 19 days (really 4 hour days). No weekend days. Friday was bright blue skies with surprisingly good snow. I thought that it would be either crusty or mashed potatoes. It was nice soft groom that was great for carving. Ptarmigan and #6 got a bit crowded so we went over to #9 and Rookie Road. Snow on RR was fabulous. Nobody there. Wide open carving. Some of the best carving of the season. We then went over to #8 but the lower elevation & southern exposure was quickly turning the snow to lumpy. We then returned to #9 but our legs were pretty shot by 1 PM. We have been using a GoPro with a Karma gimble to tailgun each other. This has been a great help. Its amazing to see exactly what I was doing wrong to help improve my carving. It is very satisfying to actually be getting better at something at 60+ years of age. Great day. Great season. No injuries. Looking forward to doing it again next season.
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    Fun day today, out with me, myself and I. Exceptional snow off of roulette, where I spent a majority of my day. Did ride with a couple of random hardbooters, one who will be joining us next season. Also rode the lift with an older east coast skier transplant whom is looking is looking to give race sticks a whirl. From what I saw, he gets the carve, and could pick it up right quick. One left. See y'all tomorrow
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    A big THANK YOU to Rusty Edges and Daveo for taking the time to dig out the F2 parts and for the Karma points for both of their extremely generous offers! Cheers, the next round is on me! Rob
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    Mike and Annie Doyle...
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    Au contraire, my white-loafer-and-Sansabelt-wearing friend, a convincing argument could be made that most of The World's problems are directly related to the presence of testicles, not their absence. I fondly reflect on my lengthy career in the soprano section of the Vienna Boys' Choir without even a hint of regret. By the way, I pooped in your Yardland on Friday...
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