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  1. Yesterday
  2. Still looking for BTS with red or grey springs. Thanks!
  3. don't know if I'll do sunday but friday for sure
  4. Pics of the boots? What is the radius on the board? Package price?
  5. YES, WE DO IT AGAIN!!! On 15th & 16th February 2020 the third Moon&Carve Session will take place in the winter sports area Elsigen-Metsch on the Metschalp in Frutigen, Switzerland. That means for you, off to the Swiss Alps and carve with us, test boards, improve technique and above all have fun. The following manufacturers bring their latest pleasure objects with them: Oxess, Goltes, Plasma (more to come!) All important information about the event can be found as usual on our Moon&Carve homepage: http://www.moon-and-carve.com Since we're not commercial and the event is free for all participants, we are grateful for any PR. So tell your friends and a share & like on Facebook or a on Instagram is always welcome. We are already looking forward to a cool session with you! Greetings from the Bernese Oberland Your Moon&Carve Team web: http://www.moon-and-carve.com news: https://www.facebook.com/MoonAndCarve/ Like & Share it
  6. Sales Close: February 28, 2020 or when cards are sold out. Blackout Dates: December 21, 2019 - January 1, 2020. https://www.coloradoski.com/store/gems-card-2019-2020?utm_source=newsletter_1344&utm_medium=email&utm_campaign=passport-gems-are-open
  7. Hey are you still interested? I'm moving next weekend (sept 30th) so i'd want to ship it before then, or in December (after I move into my new place and get stuff out of storage) let me know. thanks.
  8. Last week
  9. Decided to post it here before I list it on ebay. For sale is Mammut Barryvox Pulse beacon. Never used, as I was riding alpine boards most of the last seson. Runs latest software (4.00). Still in box, with stickers on it. I tested it last year in Vail using my friends beacon, but that's it. Box got some scratches, but beacon itself is unused. Pictures of actual beacon for sale. Looking for $300.
  10. This is 2013 model I believe. Length: 163cm Waist width: 20.3cm Radius: 11.8m VSR Edge length: 146cm. I compared specs from recent SG catalogues found online (14/15, 16/17, 17/18 and current 19/20), it's all identical from year to year. I'm not aware of any changes between different seasons.
  11. Hey TL What model year? What's the waist? SCR?
  12. For sale is my SG Slalom board. Everyone knows what this is: SL board that is versatile and fun. Will do great in gates or all mountain. Got some nicks from skiers on lifts but that's about it. I'm not a racer and decided to try something else. Looking for $450. I'm located in Chicago. 163 for sale pictured on the right. GS board is available here
  13. ... it works. Give that breathing a try ...;-)
  14. howdy well... it is that time again... what is the winter weather going to be like this winter?... of course this is always for fun and don't hold me accountable for anything... powder boards?... from the old farmers almanac 2020 winter forecast... and the "new" farmers almanac extended forecast...
  15. Two "like new" Coilers for sale. I have dropped significant weight and need to move to softer boards.
  16. This is a Cool video...and certainly belongs to this thread
  17. Nice! I would love to ride out there, but I can't commit quite yet. Let's see how things are looking in January.
  18. Thanks. Best to you as well Dave Kemp
  19. Damn i was hoping Turner would get the early snow.
  20. Should be a prize for the best buy of the week !
  21. Oh, how this made me smile this a.m.... I hope all are well.
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