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    Hoof is long gone.
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  4. pow4ever

    UPZ RC11 Lime M27.5

    damn... well fitting boots(no more super thick socks); it's going to be that much more difficult to keep up with you this session! Counting down the day buddy!
  5. Indeed. I stand corrected. Pure Carve: Cliff Pure Boarding: Jörg I did meet both at a pure boarding Apres Ski Both "outfits" are awesome. I did spent much more time with the Pure Boarding crew. Pure Boarding have a far more formal organization Pure Carve are local toe Aspen and go with the flow vibe I understand 100% what Jack is saying from a pure economic perspective. It's part but not the whole picture. Toyota still do well by make long lasting economic car. Meaning not everyone need to buy a new car every year for Toyota to continue on R&D. Grossly oversimplification as the economic of scale and parts to make it sustainable. Anyway we might be seeing history in the making: Alpine/Carving seems to be more popular than ever. IMHO: Having a positive/welcome attitude to people who are curious/beginner will propel our beloved sports forward. Equipment elitism/snobbery will do the opposite.
  6. last weekend i had to drive a tractor on the road fro about 30 minutes. temp about 35 degree. fingers were frozen after 20 minutes wearing the gloves this thread started with: -30 deg C??? can't even handle + 35 F donation to a warmer cause
  7. Easy for you to say as an internet " influencer " The only influence i project is in the reaction of the female spouse of others that tell their husbands they can't try my Skwal.
  8. Jack M

    UPZ RC11 Lime M27.5

    Dibs for a friend! He will be getting in touch soon.
  9. scottishsurfer

    Bend it....

    editing videos from wednesday nights sand surfing session i noticed the bend i got on the board in this turn...
  10. Hard to go wrong with any of the new modern bindings for free carving. Carvin'Marvin got it right. How much do you weight? What boot size are you? In term of flex(side to side): (less rigid)(F2 titanium std /TD3 SW std*) < (F2 titanium step in/TD3 SW Stepin*) < (TD3 standard bail) < TD3 Intec (most rigid) *over all F2 have a tiny bit more flex than the SW(side winder). However I have not try every combination of pads and eRing. F2 relied on the plastic to give it the side to side flex. TD SW are have more knobs to tune for flex. UPZ boots does work Bomber TD2/3 Binding.
  11. hahaha.... found fellow stink footer
  12. 35% increase?!? where are you seeing that? is that the price advertised in the lift office? when I go to the activities webpage they have half days at $15. but then clicking the link takes you to a calendar which doesn't do much. maybe I'm looking at the wrong location. I don't like the way the website is set up. I shall look forward to Yelp reviews in the coming future.
  13. Minimalist and barefoot runner here, but never barefoot in snowboard boots. I use knee-high toe socks and modified toe box liner for more toes splay and for more warmth.
  14. $250 for the 4mm? I’d do $450 for both
  15. Never barefoot, but I have standardized on thin ankle-length running socks, pretty much what Neil suggested. I like that the short sock doesn't bunch up or rub around the shin. Before that I used hiking liner socks, pretty much the same idea.
  16. I have a 4mm and a 5mm What's the offer?
  17. Barefoot in boots seems like a good advertisement for a screen porch... not sure how those would smell after a hard charging season...
  18. https://gearpatrol.com/2019/11/15/snowboard-boots-history/ If only hardboots in a variety of stiffnesses were still available...
  19. howdy corey next in line... ha... thanks...
  20. I'm confused, I can't tell if you're saying these people are riding modern equipment now or not. I'm just saying anyone who is somewhat serious about the sport but is refusing to buy something modern even though they could, is at the very least denying business to a current manufacturer. That's inarguable. They may also be influencing others, whether they mean to or not.
  21. I work 10 minutes from that monstrosity. I'm setting my expectations EXTREMELY low. HOWEVER...with those EXTREMELY low expectations it may prove to be a suitable winter lunchtime alternative to hitting golf balls...
  22. You got that right!! SOLD.
  23. Am I reading that right? Shipping plus a donation? I'll take it. PM sent. I'll likely pass it along with the same scheme after I have some fun with it. Great idea!
  24. I will have free time next Wednesday or Thursday if you interest in the binding, this will save some shipping cost for local pickup.
  25. Sunrise, shoulder high Peaks close to shore this morning...reminds me of 22nd st. many years ago without the people though...
  26. Virus Thunder snowboard Donation to the site on your name + shipping from NS, Canada Virus Thunder 159 Length: 1590 mm effective edge: 1420 mm nose width: 215 mm waist: 155 mm tail width: 210 mm Stance width: 430 mm Scratches on top and base from years of using but still has Virus riding, all metal parts are good and lots of camber left.
  27. Nitro Range 5 one Alpine/Race snowboard CAD$50 + shipping from NS, Canada Prepared while ago but no chance to use - almost original condition length: 1510 mm effective edge: 1300 mm nose width: 262 mm tail width: 261 mm waist width: 213 mm sidecut radius: 8.8 m
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