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  2. I'd like to be a little closer to the ground for foot braking. My landyactz pintail seems soooo tall, and somewhat precarious at times
  3. Why would you want drop deck for ldp? I’m using a Cinnett front, Tracker rear. It works well for cheap , but then I haven’t tried any of the fancier rigs.
  4. JRAZZ

    Yo Lci!!

    Safe trip dude!
  5. Are you really sure you want to look like that second guy? I mean I have it on good authority that he’s from Winnipeg.
  6. You don't need a weather man To know which way the wind blows
  7. Sorry I just find steezy the most ridiculous word, I finally had an opportunity to use it, so I did. I should've started my post with the word "dude" for maximum effect. My bad
  8. Had to look steezy up. Not all. Not me and my buddy but we’ll get there.
  9. First pic is pretty damn steezy. I think most of not all here can do toeside like second pic, though, right?
  10. A journey for sure and yes, I try to improve each and every time I go out and I enjoy doing it very much. I am obsessed with it. That first pic is the wallpaper on my phone and on my watch so I see it constantly and I tell myself, “Bob, you gotta get your knees within 12” of the snow to get your board on edge like that, heel or tie side. ” I know it will come with lots and lots of turns IF I live long enough.
  11. big mario

    Yo Lci!!

    Bye Dude, safe travels my friend Mario
  12. monodude

    Yo Lci!!

    The Oregon move has begun.
  13. @1xsculler you are setting yourself up for failure with that attitude. Reading your post bummed me out. You should try to look at this as a journey and enjoy this ride. Don’t you have fun getting out there and improving each and every time? I know I do. I’ve been carving in hardboots since 1990 and have several pictures of myself similar to the ones you referenced. However, I still aim to get better on every turn. That’s one of the things that I love about carving - the constant over analysis of my and other’s riding. The technical side of the sport is what keeps us all here on this forum in summer talking about it. Enjoy your time on the hill, think about it on the way home, think about it as you fall asleep, talk about it with all of us here, obsess over new gear, enjoy pictures of others who ride like you want to. These are all great examples of what else there is.....
  14. Yeah, that first guys got a skill set I want to emulate. Multitasking, sweet heelside and clearing his nose at the same time!
  15. Thinking drop deck, wondering what direction for trucks Thanks, Mario
  16. Yesterday
  17. If I can’t learn to do this I won’t be able to call myself a carver. I mean, what else is there?
  18. yamifumi

    Yo Lci!!

    Is anybody going to A-basin this weekend? I am planning to be there tomorrrow and hopefully it will be less people bc of all those graduations
  19. Last week
  20. I'll keep an eye out at the end of the year...it's not like I really need any more gear anyway
  21. I won’t know until next my first day next season whether I have it replaced or not.
  22. Hi Barry, Sorry for the tardy reply, I've been busy with Spring chores, snow withdrawals etc. Easily, Mark's boards are not as weight specific as other customs, plus he will provide you with the flex index you prefer / suitable for your weight. My 1st ride on a SF was my Wife's and I have her by 60 lbs. If you truly want a turn monster, lean toward the softer side, so ask Mark to something similar to what he built for me. Get exited!
  23. Hmm, not sure how I missed this when you initially posted. Is it still available?
  24. I missed this last year, but it just came to my attention: https://www.conwaydailysun.com/community/obituaries/obituary-john-g-howe/article_0adef3cc-7637-11e8-ab23-5706810e71c1.html I met him once at his home on a farm in Bethel in the winter of '97 when I was working with a fellow from Bates College who was starting a snowboard factory in the Bates Mill. He had a relationship with Howe I think through a college internship. We had a meeting with Howe to discuss snowboard design. Howe's book "Skiing Mechanics" was considered a bible of ski design, as it explained the physics of a carved turn, among other things. I really enjoyed meeting him. He was enthusiastic about our little snowboard factory and about snowboarding in general. His wife made us liverwurst sandwiches, which I surprisingly didn't hate. It was about 58 degrees inside their house. A couple years later I wrote an interpretation of Skiing Mechanics, relating it to snowboarders, for BOL. You can see it here: http://alpinesnowboarder.com/wp-content/uploads/2018/03/Physics-of-a-Snowboard-Carved-Turn.pdf My friend from Bates made a snowboard version of "The Claw" ski and it worked very well. It was basically an isolation plate, laminated to the board with a thick (1/4"?) layer of rubber in between. The bindings only mounted to the plate, no screws or other metal mechanical linkages touched the board - a design I haven't seen since. I tried it and it was eye opening. I think it would be worth trying today (hint hint @Donek). He didn't pursue it for long however. He exited the snowboard industry after a few years and went back to medical school. Cheers to John Howe, a life well lived. We here have all benefited from him.
  25. daveo

    Coiler Update

    It's really not a big deal the top, it's just cosmetic. Just wax it like the base. Cheapest colourless wax. Will last forever
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